Global announcement to average players as a money sink.

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Big Crunch
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Re: Global announcement to average players as a money sink.

Post by Big Crunch » 29 Dec 2010, 00:29

2 points.

1 written language is merely a series of symbols used to convey ideas. I believe my idea was conveyed.

B. The usage of uppercase and lowercase can denote different values.

Third. Sod off
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Re: Global announcement to average players as a money sink.

Post by bigglesworth » 01 Jan 2011, 11:12

1. Pre-pend the expensive orb's global announcement with "This is $level$playername:"
2. Force the text color to be the same color as player chat.
3. The message must be from an approved list?

Happy new year! Merry new year!

I will STFU at this point in this thread.
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Re: Global announcement to average players as a money sink.

Post by Chicka-Maria » 29 Jan 2011, 01:44

Why not make a npc that charges money to make announcements for you? :roll: with of course a level request and a list of announcements such as raid at candor in ___min or drop party in ___min or even event at ____ starting in____min?

pay a small fee, and no abuse because you can only choose numbers. :)
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Re: Global announcement to average players as a money sink.

Post by bcs86 » 30 Jan 2011, 04:10

Is this going to be like those map announcements in RO's
Louyang port? Some players hated it. But in context most
the players on that map were leeching or busy sharing exp
for long periods of time, disrupted by the occasional
dead branch spam which would kill the AFK leechers.

From the posts to this thread thus far I can discern...

"(global announcement) capabilities [...] to the average
user in some form. [...] [at a large but affordable price]"
--Calmwind (#p100740)

-> Global is a bit much unless there is a very good use
other than sinking money. Wealthy players wouldn't take the
bait unless shout outs had some useful, fun purpose
implemented alongside. A reason for it.

Easiest way of making it useful that I can think of is
for the unlikely case of a player having a conscious and
wanting to warn players on a map that someone has spawned
Death. ... ... Nope still pointless.

For a money sink.

To players with x GP.

Where: ...

An NPC or a spell that costs x GP.
Where x is an expensive, but affordable amount.

-> Expensive-yet-affordable is a moving target. The price
would have to be lowered when the megaphone is needed, and
raised when it is abused. Instead I would suggest the cost
be a diverse set of items. That way when one item becomes
too common, the other ingredients will still be rare.

"Would you like to use this "megaphone"? [Y/N]
It needs energy. Bring me 1 [Mystical 12v Battery]

The "Mystical 12v Battery" is created through a quest
requiring a diverse set of ingredients:
7 Pearls, 50 GP, (jump in the air), Magnetized Iron Ingot,
Alkaline, Clay, and run on a conveyor belt 100 rounds!

Kage in #p100906 mentions a way of separating player
announcements from GM announcements by disclaimer notation
and banning abusers.

Then Calmwind in #p101010 elaborates about a color
difference and its own string syntax.

-> Answering the implementation's potential for being abused
with more human-level enforcement is very full of lulz.
It's like offering guns and making it illegal to shoot
each other. Reluctance to ban combined with frustration
from the abuse being a matter of software will make any GM

Thread goes on, pondering level restrictions,
name registration...

Kage mentions Global announcements with preset messages
of specific context rather than letting players make their
own messages.

Then high-school algebra, and language conveyance...
but the "{Player} is hosting a Candor Arena session."
seems like it could be done without additional charge.
Once the fight is paid for, a Wait menu could offer choices
now, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15, 30, 45(max). It would
repeat the invitation every 5 minutes, but that makes 9x in
45 minutes. So it could instead be made at initiation, then
every 10 cutting the number of automatic announcements to 4.


Never: The ability should be reserved for GM/Staff.

Never: There is abuse potential, better ways of sinking
money, and possible confusion between GM broadcasts and
player announcements.

My conclusion!
I typed this because I was bored, am not interested in the
subject, don't see it happening without first being an
answer to a problem, not a problem to an answer.
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