I would like to fix few bugs...

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I would like to fix few bugs...

Post by Alige » 19 Jan 2011, 23:25

Hello, as you can see in the title, I am the finder of bugs and typos in TMW... :mrgreen:
This is why I would like to know how to do a patch or even better: be able to change items.xml and item_db.txt directly on the git repository until we do a merge.

The second option may be rejected or people can talk about this (between Devs and Admins) but this would help a lot of typos I saw such as wrong weight, typo in the description, etc...

Please help me help you.
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Re: I would like to fix few bugs...

Post by Crush » 20 Jan 2011, 08:29

Hello Ali-G.

Nice to read that you want to be more closely involved in content development. To create git patches you need to:

1. install git
2. clone the tmw client data git repository using git clone
3. configure your mana client to use the cloned data instead of the updates so that you can test your changes properly (see http://forums.themanaworld.org/viewtopi ... =13&t=2617)
4. update the files regularily using git pull
5. make your changes at the cloned files
6. git add and git commit your changes
7. use git format-patch HEAD^ to create a patch file with your commit
8. append the patch file to the corresponding mantis task on http://mantis.themanaworld.org (or create one when there isn't and the problem is serious enough to warrant one).
9. notify the tmw developers about the patch. The best way to do this is the IRC channel.

Git is not very intuitive to use, especially for people not used to command line based tools. But it is very well documented. you can use git help command to view the documentation.
Our git guide on the wiki is also a great source of information: http://wiki.themanaworld.org/index.php/Git

When you have any problems with any of these steps, feel free to ask. But the quickest way to get helped are the irc.themanaworld.org irc channels. for git-specific questions you can also ask in the #manasource channel on irc.freenode.net.

When you've shown that you understand git and how the development processes work, the tmw content devs will surely allow you to push your commits yourself. On manasource this would not even make your life easier because we have a rule that every non-trivial commit must be reviewed by at least one other developer before pushing, so you have to create a patch anyway. I don't know if there is a similar policy for tmw content developers because I am not involved with it anymore.
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Re: I would like to fix few bugs...

Post by Jenalya » 20 Jan 2011, 14:52

For tmw e-Athena content development, we use clones of the mainline repositories as working directories.
We merge this with the mainline, when content is tested.

This are our working directories:
http://gitorious.org/~wombat/tmw-eathen ... serverdata

Lot's of the reported bugs are fixed here, but not in mainline yet. So it might be better to do more bugfixes based on what's in this repostitories. Also getting push access to this repositories isn't as rigorous as for the mainline.

As Crush said, IRC is a good and quick place to get in contact.
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