Mana Source compiling.

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Mana Source compiling.

Post by Katalas » 09 Mar 2011, 13:37


I have git clone the source code of Mana Source to make my own client.
However I can't compile it using Code::Blocks.

The error is that I have a invalid compiler, "Probably the toolchain path within the compiler options is not setup correctly?!".

Is someone know what compiler is required to compile the Mana Source ?

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Re: Mana Source compiling.

Post by Crush » 09 Mar 2011, 14:17

Hello Katalas

The problem is a bit misplaced on this forum because 1. the client development was outsourced to and 2. the problem seems to be a general problem with your installation of code blocks, but I will try to help you anyway.

It should be possible to build Manasource with any C++ compiler, but we suggest GCC on Linux and MinGW on Windows. However, the error "Probably the toolchain path within the compiler options is not setup correctly" hints that there isn't any compiler set up correctly in your Code::Blocks installation. Can you build an own C++ project?

You didn't say which operating system you are using, but because you are using Code::Blocks I assume that it's windows, because a Linux user would more likely use the make command directly. There are two versions of Code::Blocks for windows, one with MinGW included and one without. I would recommend you to install the version which comes with MinGW, unless you already have a C++ compiler installed and you know what you are doing (Code::Blocks can auto-detect various installed compilers at first startup, but I wouldn't bet that you needn't set any settings manually when you don't select the MinGW installation it comes with).

On a related note: Did you already download the library pack? After you've set up your build environment correctly you will still need it to compile the Manasource client.
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