Savannah Town ??

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Savannah Town ??

Post by pateame » 13 May 2011, 22:24

After looking for forgotten stuff, I found something interesting to do as a project branch:

Savannah Town
[+] Map preview: (Click here to fullsize view)
[+] .ZIP Package with .TMX testing map:

[+] Sources&links:
Most of graphics are from Modanung's stuff, also I used the tileset made by Arikel and hkurn,
grass tileset proposet for beach in CR1 and include some unfinished stuff into the current tileset.
* REQ from mantis:
* Graphics forum: [WIP] Savannah tileset (the return)
* Mobs: [CPT] Modanung's monster ideas
* NPCs, history and guideliness: ?????? WIP

[+]Tilesets used:
- CR1 Grass: ... eset02.png
- New Tileset created: ... ttiles.png
- Savannah Tileset (arikel), updated: ... estion.png

NPCs were added on tileset just as an example to give a preview of possible town social dynamic. It's just a quick shot to give an idea an let discussion about this forgotten area start again, nothing finished yet, but surely it's work in progress.
Some tiles are just a placeholder graphic to can start mapping and testing variations at same time.
After look more Modanung's concepts, here's some new material for tilesets:
- Outdoors: Roof pipe, rectangular windows and a cave entrace with blackstones.
I think about a possible "volcano" in that area, so those black stones could be dryed lava or something like that.
- About possible indoors:
I was thinking on how advanced is savannah town, and what kind of furniture they should have inside their houses.
Supposing they dont know a fluid english (as me), they probably could have language as draws on the wall or sculptures. Draws can be decorative, but also informative stuff about culture or quest to do. some ideas:
From modanung photoflick:

Sources from modanung's work: ... hhouse.jpg ... _tiled.jpg ... review.png
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Re: Savannah Town ??

Post by Matt » 13 May 2011, 23:09

Matt approves. Again.
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Re: Savannah Town ??

Post by enchilado » 14 May 2011, 04:20

A Savannah region would be really cool (I've wanted to see one for ages), but not all these tiles are suitable for use: the roofs of the buildings are weird in some places; the straw doesn't always match up properly, for some reason, and the clay(?) section of the roof is just a flat colour. Some of the walls sit into the grass and some sit on top of it, and the walls are generally very boring (some more carvings would greatly improve them, I think).

The CR1 grass is really ugly and large areas of the Savannah grass look very repetitive, although small patches look quite nice. The cliffs seem unnatural with those large rocks balanced all along the top, though I think if they were along the bottom as well that would be a bit better. The cliff faces themselves seem a bit unfinished, and a few of the ground tiles are ugly/don't fit in: the brown dirt with stones in it, the yellow grass, and that other grass to the left of the NPCs.
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