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Post by e » 23 Aug 2004, 23:50

well, i got that client running today and played around with it.
SoM is the best game ever, so i love this project.
unfortunately, it's still in the very beginning of developement and not seriously playable :) .
since i solely use linux on my computer, the linux client is a wonderful gift for me.
i emulated the map_editor.exe with "wine", but how do you close this app ? i could not find another way than killing my X-server :( .
ah, please make the client more "tolerant" .. it shuts down if the audio device is already in use.
the only language i can write is delphi, so i sadly cannot help you much with developement.
i could not find any interface or options-dialog in v0.0.7d, but tmw should definitely come up with a key, that makes the character run.
there are loads of clipping errors, but in this state of dev its not really necesarry to talk about.
but its necessary to talk about the cpu-load ! the linux client takes everything it gets, its too big for my pIII 450 . but its still playable.

so far, im tired. 0:50 am :)
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Post by VDM » 24 Aug 2004, 06:29

With some tweaking around u _can_ compile it for Linux...

U just need to leave the "page2" stuff out of the .cpp file.
Doesnt run properly here, but it runs :)
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Post by ElvenProgrammer » 24 Aug 2004, 09:20

Anyway application should be terminated by pressing ESC, but maybe there's something wrong with emulation, don't know...
About the audio, atm it should be disabled if I well remember and I'll keep it this way since Sull who was working on sound doesn't come back.
About clipping errors, many of them should have already been fixed, just get the latest CVS instead of playing with 0.0.7d.
And finally let's get on CPU load: I know the client it's quite CPU stressing but I'm trying to optimize the code everyday, so I think that things can only go better :D Anyway welcome in The Mana World community
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