Idea: Elements Sword for Warrior (Long Range attack)

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Re: Idea: Elements Sword for Warrior (Long Range attack)

Post by TGE » 15 Feb 2013, 14:55

as others have said, giving warrior a ranged attack is unbalanced and is giving what the other classes have as an advantage agaisnt warriors. It is even giving warriors something that even mages can't do: an autoattack that always attacks without having to use shortcuts or tipying spells...

the stun and/or spell damage reduction seem more viable, easier to do and more balancing; and is more fitting to the role/class, warrior and tanks, they receive ittle dmg and are hard to go down.

(As an archer i found that warriors take forever to k.o.: if they are speed they will most likely catch you and then with high luck---»sure crit you! the ones that are raging, if they manage to get to me---»sure crit!! the only thing helping archers is their high agi and distance. Archers agaisnt mages is whoever hits first and fastest wins, but most certainly mages will if they have high agi, and one shot ingrav--» game over)

give the warriors something that wil make them reduce the distance to the target or reduce the dmg taken from spells seems more logical...
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Re: Idea: Elements Sword for Warrior (Long Range attack)

Post by Slimor » 15 Feb 2013, 17:04

i like the idea of magical weapons, but as warrior im a short distance fighter and thats good so, thats why i am a warrior

so for me those weapons doesnt make many sense...

as an RPG player, the type of magic would be something for a ring or charm, but i dont wanna see those as melee-weapons

to make PVP more interesting it would be better to use speciel types of armory, one against arrows, one against magic ....
your weapons would make the game totally imbalanced

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Re: Idea: Elements Sword for Warrior (Long Range attack)

Post by BoomerTheKran » 15 Feb 2013, 20:41

for more warrior range, I'm suggesting, tho not thoroughly, the following:
OR ... 18_GIM.jpg
They are guaranteed to stun, look cool, tho slow, and if they produce splash damage(but can only splash players in pvp) all the better.
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