Can't connect to remote host

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Zel Rai
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Re: Can't connect to remote host

Post by Zel Rai » 25 Aug 2011, 06:08

Or since he doesn't work nights, he could just go to sleep. Well breaks over, back to the grind.
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Re: Can't connect to remote host

Post by DariusBane » 25 Aug 2011, 09:26

Frost wrote:It's much more exciting to talk about how this might be the result of evil intruders though. :)
Not everyone lives in irc. I said the server being hacked was a possibility. It is also possible the Invisible Purple Unicorn exists, too. Anything is possible. Common sense ought to clue a person in on that. Oh, sorry, my error. I forgot common sense isn't all that common now.

This is not directed at Frost or anyone specifically. Hopefully, readers may see I am attempting to assail an idea/l which has crept into our community here. Frost put the idea/l forward in his post, I retorted.

We are but players on a dimly lit stage of tragic accidents, most of which are fetal ...

Drat, now I have Shadow Madness on the mind.
"I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." -- Ripley
Jael RD
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Re: Can't connect to remote host

Post by Jael RD » 25 Aug 2011, 14:04

Villain wrote:
Jael RD wrote:Not only you is getting crazy, i´ve been waiting since this morning and everything is still down, one no playing day ahhhhhhhhhh!!!, and my gf is not going to be here until Friday, so I AM GETTING GRAZY!!!!!!!!
Here are a few things you could do:
  • - Blink wildly while spinning around and then close your eyes really tight for an interesting light show
    - See how long you can hold a note then repeat for different notes
    - Try to not think about penguins
    - Use your secret mind power to bring back the server
    - Pretend you're a robot
    - Scratch every part of yourself
    - Rate passers by according to weird physical deficiencies
    - Repeat the same word over and over until it loses its meaning and you've gone through all 171,476 English words
    - Punch yourself in the face
    - Try to swallow your tongue
    - Pretend to be a flamingo
    - Make Star Trek door noises with your armpit
    - Intently stare at a stranger until the stranger makes a remark
    - Get yourself as nauseated as possible
    - Invent a weird twitch
    - Make animal noises
    - Hold your breath as long as possible
-Hold my breath was the best one, you should try it. lol

You should this:
- At night, Steal a well known Street Sign.
- Toilet paper someones house/yard/property. Could be a friends or someone u dont even know.
- Get drunk and play with fire works, some interesting things always happens with this combination
- Get drunk, rent a golf cart, but dont intend to bring it back in one piece
- shoot cars with a paintball gun as they go by on the freeway
- Try to make Mana´s spell in real live
- Exorcise a ghost
- Be blue
- Be red
- But don't be orange
- Ask stupid question in a Forum
- Play Kick the Fire Hydrant
- Don't talk to things
- Learn to type...with your toes
- Put your feet behind your head
- Please don't ever think to put that in in mouth!!
- Water your dog...see if he grows
- Stare on Mana server webpage until it change to ONLINE.
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