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Post by Platyna » 31 Mar 2006, 01:34

Tarm wrote:
Platyna wrote:Item loss means items available to be looted, if you first come on place of your death then you wont loose anything. ;)


Wouldnt the victor be the closest player?And therefore the player to get the item?That means that 99.9% of the time I'll lose the item.
Well, it is a game, you loose and you gain, depends if today is your lucky day.

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Post by Draicone » 03 Apr 2006, 02:30

I think we need a map dedicated to PvP with certain zones for PvP and everything else a match-choosing/discussion area.
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Post by Rotonen » 03 Apr 2006, 21:44

What I'd like to see is a system in which the faucet is like in real life, natural resources, and hence a slow dripper in this game, but that there wouldn't really be a drain at all. Or rather that the drain is modelled in some form. In other words a finite economy system.

Don't overreact to this with "not possible, will cause huge economical gaps, will cause inflation/deflation ". It's all about how the drain would be modelled into a nice recycler, think about it.
This message used to be meaningful.
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