Translation of the Wiki for other languages

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Translation of the Wiki for other languages

Post by Canedo » 21 Aug 2006, 10:21

I thought that it could be interesting to translate the Wiki for other languages, as Portuguese, German, French and Spanish, that was of these countries that look players online. I know that much Fan Sites has tutorial with practically all wiki translated, but would be a good one for translating wiki of the OFFICIAL SITE so that if it does not need to leave searching sites for the Internet.

I could help in the translation for the Portuguese, and also believe that many people.

They forgive for my horrible English.
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Post by Crush » 21 Aug 2006, 12:09

the wiki is primary a collection of design documents for the developers. information for players is only secondary. most articles on the wiki are:

-proposals and ideas that will maybe never get into the game (like 4 contradicting stat systems)
-design guidelines
-technical in-depth descriptions that are absolutely irrelevant for the user

every developer has to understand english because all our internal communication is in english. so it makes no sense to translate these articles into other languages. and don't forget that when an article is changed that all the other language versions have to be changed too by someone who speaks that language. it would be a maintainance task that would just consume too much man power that is needed elsewhere.

the articles that are really interesting for the player are just a hand full. basically these: ... _reference
(where the last two don't really need to be translated)

you are free to create and maintain a portugese wiki with translations of these articles. we could put links into the articles on the official wiki. maybe you should ask this guy if he wants to cooperate with you:
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