How do you think healing system should work ?

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How do you think healing system should work ?

1 - I think we should continue healing without being online.
2 - I think we should just heal when we are playing.
3 - any of other options.
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Dr Wahl
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Post by Dr Wahl » 29 Aug 2006, 16:53

Silk Road Online has a 20 second counter that starts after your last attack (offensive or defensive). During the timer, you cannot:
-Log off
-Summon pets
-Summon transportation (horses)
-Remove job suit (not relavent here)
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Post by LEG0LAS » 29 Aug 2006, 22:28

if the players just have offline heal when they are at home or in towns there will be no problem of fleeing when your being atack. What you will have to do is: run to the next town and logoff there, this will give time to the mosnter or the player that is atacking to finish the work 8)
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Master Ar2ro
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Post by Master Ar2ro » 29 Aug 2006, 23:01

There will still be a problem with fleeing as in `logout and not get killed, even though you won't get healed offline`. A timeout before logout is allowed after/during battle would be good, but it has to be balanced. 10 seconds is too little, and a couple of minutes might be annoying. I think that 60 seconds would be enough and not too much for the players to wait. And of course the server has to keep the players in-game when they decide to force-close their client...
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Post by Modanung » 30 Aug 2006, 13:44

Platyna wrote:Offline healing open a gate to PK abuse and therefore to ruin planned game play. For example: I met on a PK map an opponent, with comparable might, he almost beaten me up, so, I am, with like 5 percent of life logging off, he can't reach me. Not fair.
Well you could always log off whenever you want, nomatter the system. And as I suggested offline healing would only happen inside safe zones.
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