[REQ] Mapper (Difficulty 2/5 Easy)

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[REQ] Mapper (Difficulty 2/5 Easy)

Post by jesusalva » 06 Feb 2020, 01:51

Role wanted: Mapper
Difficulty: 2/5 Easy
Milestone: Hurnscald
Priority: Optional

Minimum map size: 80x100

Hello, mappers and wanna-be mappers!

This is the first REQ post after a (long) while.
The task is really simple, to build a jail for TMW rEvolt. The jail can be built with either Artis or Hurnscald tilesets.

It must have a cell on (25,75) and on (49,75). It can be separate cells, or a big, unified cell.

Here is a picture from TMW-BR jail's for inspiration: Image

Left margin minimum 20 tiles
RIght margin minimum 30 tiles
Top and Bottom margin, minimum 20 tiles each

If you never did a map before and want to start with it: https://wiki.themanaworld.org/index.php ... g_Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will there be a reward for making the map?
A. Maybe.

Q. For what is this map used for?
A. When someone is temporaly banned for a minor offense which does not involves player abuse, GMs will be able to send players to jail instead of banning them.
As an added benefit, jail time only counts when player is online (iirc).
This allows an alternative to banning. We still have banning, though, so it is optional.

Q. Why don't devs do it themselves?
A. It is a simple indoor maps with optional priority. Our mappers (specially Tezer and Micksha) are busy working on more important maps, and this is a good map to start with Tiled.

Q. Who is responsible for deciding upon the final map version?
A. The client-data leader is currently Micksha.
Please remember to send here a PNG from the map, so others can comment as well.

Q. What should be the map name and music?
A. Map should be named sec_pri and you can decide the music for it.
You can also copy an existing map and edit it instead of creating from scratch.

Q. Where is rEvolt repository (where I can get tilesets etc)?
A. https://gitlab.com/evol/clientdata/
Jesusalva (aka. Jesusaves)
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Re: [REQ] Mapper (Difficulty 2/5 Easy)

Post by kytty » 06 Feb 2020, 13:17

Got it :alt-5:
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Re: [REQ] Mapper (Difficulty 2/5 Easy)

Post by Livio » 07 Feb 2020, 18:09

Opened the wiki and looked at:
To add music to a specific area start by creating a rectangular object on the object layer. Make the type "music" and the name of the object the song you want to use.

Code: Select all

 <object name="dimonds-cove.ogg" type="MUSIC" x="1152" y="992" width="256" height="352"/>
So you should be able to make a sad song start when someone in the jail moves above the toilet.
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Re: [REQ] Mapper (Difficulty 2/5 Easy)

Post by +seeds » 12 Feb 2020, 23:01

Nice, a new jail map for rEvolt!
I recently learned mapping for a piou-related self-assigned project, so I'll give it a shot.
It'll be a bit though, as I have to finish the afore-mentioned project before Valentine's ends :D
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Live long and prosper :wink:
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Re: [REQ] Mapper (Difficulty 2/5 Easy)

Post by WildX » 13 Feb 2020, 11:45

Remember to post updates here so anyone working on this can share and coordinate their progress with others. We also have many lurking devs willing to provide occasional feedback! :)
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