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Legacy #Upmarmu

Posted: 23 May 2021, 03:51
by SpeedDuck


Recently I've been testing how exactly the #upmarmu spell interacts with the Brawling Skill and the Speed Skill. My conclusion is that, since it overrides the attack, it overrides the Speed Skill's speed boost. On the other hand, it stacks with the Brawling Skill and yields higher damage, though the attack delay is not great. I've been playing around with the spell on a local test server and I've put together a version that seems to scale pretty well in terms of attack speed and damage in relation to STR and AGI. Attack delay is around 700-800 with only 1 AGI, but it can get up to 110 if AGI is maxed out at 138 (set on an exponential curve). DPS with an iron potion on Brawling, with max stats, and with assassin gear is about 2600, which is a bit less than what I've achieved with the assassin gear on the Speed Skill. The difference is that my tweak makes the attack have a 100% success rate, though the spell doesn't last very long.

I'd like to suggest the implementation of this modification on the Legacy server (if the TMWA team approves) to help make the unarmed fighter a bit more realistic (it probably isn't better than a tank, though this would make it almost invincible one on one).


Re: Legacy #Upmarmu

Posted: 23 May 2021, 08:30
by jesusalva

Please send a diff file or preferably make a Pull Request.

But the current plan is to transition player data to TMW Evolved; So while we are not preventing anyone from doing anything on Legacy, said changes may be short lived 🤔


There's no ETA for this migration, though, specifically speaking I only recently finished the semester so it is still lacking a few stuff; So from my part I'll only actively reject/abstain on changes which cause me extra work on Evolved (so new maps/quests would need to be developed in both, because I'm not going to push on Legacy something which will be removed or which will postpone the migration).

As this is not falling on this group, if you can make the Pull Request I'll review and ship it for you :3

If not I can do it with diff but will take longer.

Thanks and do feel free to add stuff to Legacy; Just keep in mind that I personally am not going to merge them unless they are also added on Evolved.(future reference It's 05:30 excuse me being sleepy)

Re: Legacy #Upmarmu

Posted: 23 May 2021, 16:37
by SpeedDuck


Re: Legacy #Upmarmu

Posted: 23 May 2021, 19:05
by jesusalva

Changes are now available on Legacy Test Server for public testing, along a Heathin bugfix.

Will go live for all players on late May/early June, depending on how much and how successful testing goes.

(Me not going to test XD)

Re: Legacy #Upmarmu

Posted: 28 Jan 2022, 22:59
by Ledmitz
Upmarmu used to be terrible. Glad it has a use now, but there was no need to add any agi increase since agi is important to all classes. A mage should have never needed dex. If there is a dmg bonus or even if strength is required might be okay, but as is, upmarmu is way too fast and powerful and again causes a balance issue both in co-op and pvp with regards to melee fighters.