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Android problem

Post by Bobisha »

I recently started playing The Mama World on Android and I've noticed a problem with the use of the keyboard. When I type, the Manaplus app isn't recognizing the spacebar inputs making everything typed a long string of words without spaces.

Also, the latest release of the Manaplus app is not available for download. I have downloaded it via the Google Play, Amazon Apps, and directly from the TMW site, but only the 1.9 version seems to be the only one that seems to download for Android.

Other than that, everything else on the Android app appears the working.

Thank You.

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Re: Android problem

Post by jesusalva »

I once asked 4144 about that, he said something about "don't use Google Keyboard" and marked it as "won't fix" almost immediately after.

I also vaguely recall some difficulties in the flow to make the Android app. For example, the fact Google no longer accepts APKs. We haven't tried to build the Android version, and if 4144 has not tried to push version 2.1 to Android either, it likely is broken (and with no plans to fix it anytime soon).
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