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Playtesting results so far

Posted: 06 Jul 2022, 08:44
by Esteria
You might not know me but jesusalva does. I hail from Moubootaur Legends.
I played TMW before but basically stopped after finishing Candor island at level 14 and went to ML. Now I am back here, mainly to compare it to ML.
So prepare for a lot of stuff I think can be improved.

- There is no guidance for the player after they leave Candor. No "main quest" or anything (ML is better in this specific point), it is up to the player to try and find a way forward, which makes it easy to get lost, especially when you take month long breaks. Most of us, including myself, are adults with a job who just dont get a chance to play sometimes and are forced to take a break and then eventually forget all about the game.
- The most central building in Hurnscald, containing the bank, general store etc is the only one without a sign. I always forget where the bank is because of this.
- The Hurnscald miners want you to become stronger but there is no system message indicating what the required level is. A bunch of quests do it this way.
- The quest should be marked regardless so you do not forget about it. It should say something like "I need to reach level 25 first."
- The Imec stinger daily (and other dailies) are not marked as such and this specific one is absolutely inferior to just killing literally 4 maggots. I propose that the first time you finish a daily quest you should get a slightly better reward. Perhaps even at milestones (25 completions, 50.. etc)
- Daily Points are not explained. So I was confused when I was "exhausted" and could not make more money with acorns.
- The fetch quest for the shop near the hotel was a bit chaotic and not very rewarding. "Go and fetch this permit and bring it to someone entirely else I did not mention."
- Squirrel pelts are unused and therefore only good for selling, yet their description says they could be made into clothing.
- Dark magic is inferior to astral magic. It needs some more spells astral magic provides in order to become a viable alternative. I am all for more evil choices in the game.
- A reminder at login to exchange monster points if you have say over 2k would be nice.
- If a nurse heals you but you are close to the max level of free healing, it should remind you that you need to find another way of healing soon. "But dont forget, I will stop healing you when you reach level 20"
- Stuff tends to spawn in areas you can not see (e.g behind a tree or house), requiring a different view mode which is a debugging function. Normal players should not have to do this and will get frustrated.
- Monsters should not get too close to the square teleporting you to the adjacent map. Currently you will accidentally run right into it and teleport instead of attacking which is quite annoying.

There are also some graphical bugs which I will report when I have time, e.g some assets not fitting into the existing artstyle, warnings in the debug tab about a missing NPC ID and the butterfly sideways flying animation missing a frame.
And I probably forgot some stuff but I already wrote a good bit so I will add some more later.

Re: Playtesting results so far

Posted: 06 Jul 2022, 16:07
by WildX
I'm shocked there is no main storyline or planned gameplay. I wonder how that could be.

Re: Playtesting results so far

Posted: 06 Jul 2022, 18:32
by Esteria
I know you are sarcastic but knowing where to go next is an important thing in terms of game design. "Main quest" would imply there is a story, yes but just a crude guide to progression is nice. Especially when you e.g cant progress further in hurnscald without mindless grinding for days because you get rekt by grass snakes yet you need to go to a place which you checked out as soon as you got access to the ferry but got scared off because fighting pollets at level 10 is guaranteed failure.

I think a *potentially* easy thing would be a hint when e.g reaching level 25 "I might be strong enough to check out Nivalis"

Re: Playtesting results so far

Posted: 06 Jul 2022, 18:44
by WildX
I agree with all of your feedback. I used to be involved with game design but the very idea of planned game design was rejected. The way I see it now is more of a sandbox where developers make fun events and add pieces of content but the whole thing has little continuity and the storyline feels like an afterthought.

Re: Playtesting results so far

Posted: 06 Jul 2022, 23:24
by jesusalva
I still believe we should first push for the Evolved so it is easy...ish to make any further changes.

This being said, we have a couple outstanding bugs, they need to be squashed or masked before we can pull the plug. We also have another team working on an alternative for M+

The core concept could be merely faking a slower walk speed whenever client position and server position diverges. It's not like server wasn't sending this info, anyway

Re: Playtesting results so far

Posted: 09 Jul 2022, 10:21
by Esteria
Another thing, which I already complained about in ML because it is affected, too is that despite Tulimshar being in the heart of the desert all of the NPCs there are white and the guards wear plate mail.
Plate mail in the desert cooks you alive and all those pale people would suffer from sunburn constantly.