How to recover user login name if I...

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How to recover user login name if I...

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don't remember e-mail address, but remember password/character name/class etc?
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Re: How to recover user login name if I...

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You summon an admin (hi!), preferably by email ( feel free to send to )

This being said, passwords could have been compromised, obtained in a leaked database sale, etc. ─ so DON'T send your password by email, prefer other stuff which may help us to identify you (e.g. char name, when you registered, what you think the email/login could be but did not work, etc).

If we cannot identify you, you'll need to either hope Freeyorp / veryape / etc. or an older staff member show up and recognize you, or will need to test all emails you know on the web interface :<
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