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[Release] Source of Mana 0.0.2

Posted: 05 Sep 2022, 22:32
by Reid
Current version: 0.0.2 ... -changelog
Original 0.0.1 post

Our prototype and first version of Source of Mana is now available to download on our page.

For this first version the changelog would be pretty large so instead I prefer to present you on the main lines what we have been trying to achieve:
  • Our ambition was to create a working offline prototype of what could be TMW within Godot in 2022, we prepared a basic code, asset, project architectures and a game design document to support our game development.
  • Our code rolls with a service system that can be enabled/disabled from a main scene. Multiple scenes will be created within the same Godot project to generate a server, a client and a launcher.
  • Our asset regroups what was previously done on TMW and rEvolt, we are preparing a new git repository to work like a giant asset store that features all available content that can be featured on SoM based on the quality and needs of these assets.
  • Our project will be managed through Gitlab's builtin agile planning with a "Milestone" release plan.
  • Our game design is currently being redacted into a Game Design Document that will feature all of the main designs and focus we will want to address.
Aside from all of these plans, our First Playable Preview release features a playable character with basic walk and sit actions that can wander inside a cave by mouse, keyboard and gamepad.
Godot's benefits are many but the most important is the easy release process that helps us to prepare builds for different platforms like Linux, MacOS, Windows and Android.

Here is a first screenshot of this version, tagged as 0.0.1!
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Re: [Release] Source of Mana 0.0.1

Posted: 05 Sep 2022, 23:22
by WildX
I've been there!
2022-08-15 (1).png
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Re: [Release] Source of Mana 0.0.1

Posted: 27 Sep 2022, 23:06
by WildX
This post is about the game's name and themes. Godot-related updates coming soon. :D
You're welcome to comment on, I will be cross-posting updates in the relevant release threads just like this in the future. ... es-origins

Re: [Release] Source of Mana 0.0.2

Posted: 02 Oct 2022, 11:58
by WildX
Version 0.0.2 has been released!

Here is an update post, changelog and download links: ... -changelog

Happy testing! :)