[README] Topic Tags

Content and general development discussion, including quest scripts and server code.

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[README] Topic Tags

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Please use the following tags in topic subjects of development forums where appropriate:

Topic category

[DIS] - Discussion topic
[WIP] - Work In Progress topic
[FND] - Finished work

[REQ] - Request content (only for developers, users should make a content suggestion instead)
[README] - Important information topic (only for forum mods and admins)

Project name

If you are posting in the general development forum, feedback forum or anywhere else outside the project-specific dev forums, you should use the following tags to help your posts stand out:

[LY] or [LEGACY] - TMW: Legacy and development related to the tmwAthena server
[EV] - TMW: Evolved and development related to the evolHercules server
[SM] - Source of Mana and development related to Godot Engine
[ML] - Moubootaur Legends