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v2022.12.25 Release Notes

Posted: 25 Dec 2022, 01:47
by jesusalva
  • Santa is in need of a thing. And you have until January 8th to give him this... Thing? What thingy thing could it be? Find out in Nivalis...

  • All bot shops were kicked out of Hurnscald, by order of the mayor (whoever that happens to be, I never met them)

  • ManaMarket and all player shops have relocated to Tulimshar Bazaar.

  • Several TMWA functions were modified to reflect Evolved behavior. In particular, some script functions were added and storage size is now 500 slots. You can also use the maximum trade slots which Evol2 engine supports.

  • For the annoying GMs which at least stopped bothering me every single day: Crystal monsters are back.

  • Several other bugs were squashed out and now you can sell the scrolls. If you try to use them, they'll be sold instead.

  • SKULLS IN HURNSCALD MINES (newbie unfriendly)

  • BIFS IN TULIMSHAR MINES (newbie friendly) (mage friendly)

  • You can now use @rates and @mobinfo and @dailypoints (will be merged in @scoreboards much later)

  • Several other minor internal changes and bugfixes which hopefully are not relevant ... yet.

Re: v2022.12.25 Release Notes

Posted: 06 Jan 2023, 17:38
by jesusalva

Clarification: The spirit of multiboxing rule is: "obtaining unfair ingame advantages due to the use of alts". The rule is not exactly phrased like that for hopefully obvious reasons: You can use alts to repeat Cindy and Iilia until you get the prize you want and no one will say it is unfair, but they could. In general, unless they hit a monster to make the 2× or are fighting at the same time so you are effectively making more exp in overall, it is not multi-boxing.

Which is why e.g. adding AFK alts with even exp shares is not frowned upon (total exp given is not affected by this).

So keep in mind that while the Snowman (see Santa' notes) give 15 Naphtalene to everyone in the map, purposefully placing alts to farm the naphtalene would be an unfair advantage due to the use of alts, and you can still get a warning or a kick for breaking multiboxing rules.

Permanent or long bans are unlikely as the rule original wording did not took this possibility in account, and a wording change is also unlikely as it could make the application of the rule even more ambiguous than what we actually want (and we probably will have checkidle() by the next time we do something similar), but you can still get mild penalties such as kicks and a few hours ban, so please do not try to purposefully abuse this :D

Re: v2022.12.25 Release Notes

Posted: 12 Jan 2023, 17:32
by jesusalva

Notes: A patch has changed Scythe damage (75 -> 100) acknowledging Doulos suggestion from 2009, and another patch fixed an oversight/bug at silver ore sell price (it's supposed to be based on red slimes farming for silver and yellow slime farming for drops, I messed some values up read did not account for specificities but this is now fixed 😅).

Re: v2022.12.25 Release Notes

Posted: 05 Feb 2023, 12:07
by Wellvin

Is it allowed to place alts at key locations to optimize hunting Blanc's minions (by cutting down travel time) ?

Re: v2022.12.25 Release Notes

Posted: 05 Feb 2023, 15:41
by jesusalva

If it hinders low level players from fighting Blanc (hogging the spots), then no.

I actually wanted to lower the drop Chance based on level (so drop chance is zero at level 150 and 0.15% at level 1) but they stopped me saying that in practice this would increase usage of alts even further (high level char beats minion to a pulp, logouts, then low level deals the finishing strike and use that to boost their own drop rate).

So for now, we are stretching a bit the interpretation of multiboxing rule to cover this as well. (So this is currently considered multiboxing, because you are using an alt to obtain an undue advantage which a player without alts would not have)

(Illia, Cindy etc. are fine, btw, "undue advantage" is too ambiguous to write down on rule file as well)