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Guild Badges

Posted: 19 Jan 2023, 18:01
by jesusalva

Any and every guild in Moubootaur Legends can request inclusion of their own badge here.

A guild badge must be 16×16, and the only accepted licenses are:

  • CC0

  • MIT

  • Apache


  • And other licenses which do not impose copyleft, copyright, nor attribution requeriments

NSFW badges won't be accepted, nor will be badges which could break the game rules or public conventions. We are not obliged to accept your badge...

Badges with a different license (such as GPL) will be treated in a case-by-case basis. Same for badges using game resources. If you provide appropriate attribution in a separate file, it increases the chances to be accepted.

All badges, even animated ones, must be in PNG format.

Animated badges should ideally have their XML spritesheet attached, otherwise, we'll animate all frames as we seem fit.

You can contact us if you have questions.