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[Classic] Raids & LFG

Posted: 19 Feb 2023, 22:45
by Elanore

This is a place for any players who are Looking For a Group (LFG)

Please specify the relevant information as follows:

What: The reason you're looking for a group
When: Weekday, DD/MM
Where: In-game location where you want the group to meet

What: Candor run
When: Someday, 31/02
Where: At the Hurnscald docks

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You are welcome to post any LFG request or respond to any request that is posted. This is a moderated thread but you should not feel discouraged from discussing the details of your group or any such relevant things. You may also decide to coordinate further in-game or on IRC/Discord.

Re: [Classic] Raids & LFG

Posted: 06 Feb 2024, 20:55
by ThinkSome

What: Candor run(s)
When: Every day when enough players gather, between 18:00-20:00 and around 22:00 server time
Where: the AFK grounds in the middle of Hurnscald

Kururu has offered to run. I will be hosting/paying for it.

Whether "Enough players" have gathered will be determined based on player levels, survival chance and AFK status.

Re: [Classic] Raids & LFG

Posted: 07 Feb 2024, 08:53
by cuoco

Count me in.