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[DIS] Books, stories and limericks

Posted: 14 Mar 2023, 11:05
by Reid

There is a design idea from Evol that I would like to keep for SoM : the book system.
We wanted to add a lot of book items and readable stories on libraries based on user content or even some story design we planned.
Sadly this idea was a bit turned down with the translation feature that made this support a living hell.

I would like to re-use this idea and spread it everywhere with the possibility to click on every shelf/library tiles in-game and be able to read a story from it.
We could store all of these books inside a book database file and just link an ID to a shelf/book NPC on every maps.

This way, we could introduce a large quantity of stories, limericks and design ideas we introduced during almost 2 decades on TMW, Evol, LoF, UFB, Taw, ML and all other communities!
We could imagine a side quest to read every books from a collection as some kind of achievement/collectable system.
We would then end up with this kind of collections to complete:

  • Paddy's limericks 2016/2019
  • Paddy's limericks 2020/2021
  • Paddy's limericks 2022/2023
  • Origin Stories (romanced stories explaining the origin of each forks and projects related to tmw)
  • Cake recipes by Hocus
  • Mana History Books
  • etc...

One of the key element would be to be able to re-use some content that are not directly licensed to TMW with Paddy's limericks, is that something we can do if we quote the original author or do we need to ask them to release their limericks under a free license?

Re: [DIS] Books, stories and limericks

Posted: 14 Mar 2023, 13:07
by jesusalva

For limericks, I believe requesting permission is not necessary, but attribution is a must. In case you forgot, we're not quoting software. So you should apply the standard quotation rules: Attribute the author, where it was published (hyperlink where applicable), and year. Title of the work as well, if available. You must not edit anything, unless absolutely necessary, and if you change formatting, it should also be noted (stripping formatting might be fine, though). I advise following APA rules, but for short, this is a different chapter of the copyright laws.

...However, if you add in-game purchases, you'll need to have authorization from the authors. These are not yet in the public domain.

Btw, any content on wiki is under... I think GNU Free Document License. So adding anything from the wiki, even with modifications, is fine.

Re: [DIS] Books, stories and limericks

Posted: 14 Mar 2023, 18:14
by WildX

Loved the idea for Evol, love it here. BIRKS!

Re: [DIS] Books, stories and limericks

Posted: 15 Mar 2023, 20:33
by EJlol

I'm all for culture enrichment. Don't let you be constraints by text though. I would love to also see paintings, statues, etc.