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[FND] Milestone 5 roadmap

Posted: 14 Mar 2023, 12:18
by Reid


Here is the current milestone roadmap for the version 0.0.5:

  • Force a different player sprite and walking speed on the overworld map
  • Setting menu
  • Custom UI for mobile
  • Split some code into some sub-script files (i.e.: and must be sliced)
  • Rework the game UI enter/exit flow
  • Monster interaction, can be killed, spawned and respawned automatically
  • Attack animations and action support
  • Improve game Finite State Machine
  • Stat system being implemented server-side
  • Tile animation
  • Cave effects
  • GitHub mirror
  • Improve the map import by building a fake map resource that contains all the server and client information for debug purpose
  • Gender and player sprites colors
  • New emotes
  • Display text ahead of emotes
  • Support an online list web page
  • BlendTree support in our AnimationTree
  • Morph feature
  • OpenGL builds

Code color for our feature:

  • Green, mandatory
  • Orange, optional
  • No color, done

Re: [WIP] Milestone 5 roadmap

Posted: 10 Apr 2023, 23:51
by Reid

A short update, most mandatory tasks are in work in progress or finished for the next version, I decided to add the clean of the FSM into the mandatory task to reduce our code complexity in the future.

Most recent clean ups/rewrites were beneficial to expand our feature set, it would now be far easier to add a new mob sprite and it should soon be easier to add a complex/large map like Tulimshar through the tiled importer once some extra work will be done with this addon.

Will keep you all updated for the first test session of this version!

Re: [WIP] Milestone 5 roadmap

Posted: 13 Nov 2023, 14:22
by Reid

Hal9000/Epoch created for us a Kanban dashboard on Gitlab to track all progress done for the current milestone, you can track all work in progress, done work, reviewable changes and task to complete here: ... itle=0.0.5

It's a great step to bring some external help, I will keep track of it daily and keep it up to date as well so be sure to check it out!
Also, a new release candidate build is available here:
You can check all "In Review" tasks and do your feedbacks on the forum or in discord/irc!

Re: [WIP] Milestone 5 roadmap

Posted: 06 Dec 2023, 00:19
by Reid

All mandatory tasks are done for this milestone, you can find the backlog here: ... itle=0.0.5

You can test the latest dev build here as usual:
Now time to test and fix all remaining issues! Do not hesitate to post on this forum or to contact me if you find any issue.