[NOT A BUG] several problems (jobs, server )

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Fennias Maxim
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[NOT A BUG] several problems (jobs, server )

Post by Fennias Maxim » 20 Feb 2007, 15:45

My Job-Level do not rise. In stats it says Job: 10 734/0

Second Problem: it is very hard to play because the enemy like black scorpion do not appear sometimes. You only got damage. Sometimes i couldn' t leave town or desert. Nothing happens. This goes together with the enemy problem. And chat messages need 30 sec till they appear. So i think server is very busy.

P.S. Nice game
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Post by Crush » 20 Feb 2007, 18:12

The job level doesn't go any higher than 10 while only the first 3 job levlups really do anything. That's normal. Yes, that doesn't make any sense. It's an artefact of the ragnarok online server backend we are using.

Regarding the inconsistencies you reported: I would blame lag.
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