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Post by Modanung » 28 Mar 2007, 11:44

Any of you ever played Giants: Citizen Kabuto? There were herds of vimps walking around in some levels, and if you killed some of them, baby vimps would spawn in the herd and slowly increase in size. If you killed the whole herd a new herd of microscoping vimps would erupt from the ground and start running around and grow to baby size, and further if you let them live.
Ofcourse not all creatures live in herds. They'd just walk around at random within a certain area.
A full mating system would be great for any creature. A bit like in Black & White with the villagers. They'd kiss, and some minutes later the female would give birth.

Just some ideas.
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Post by Rotonen » 28 Mar 2007, 15:48

I think we want to simulate that on a geostatistical level.

It brings variance to the world and is easy to implement and suits our purpose better than a real ecosystem simulation.
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