Enforcing No Bots

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Re: Enforcing No Bots

Post by feline monstrosity » 27 Jul 2008, 22:57

mon wrote:So far, I've seen players do bots where their character stands in one place and kills every monster that comes near
That can hardly be called botting - it's just weighing down the ctrl and a keys. I'm not even sure that that's against the rules, though I understand that it won't be possible on TMWServ anyway.
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Re: Enforcing No Bots

Post by kr0n05931 » 27 Jul 2008, 23:15

Either that or they are using kautoclick.
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Re: Enforcing No Bots

Post by NeedMana » 31 Jul 2008, 21:53

IMO botters is what really destroys immersion for the non-botters, much much more than the CAPTCHA you people talk. But they will mostly notice it and complain later, when is hard to lvl and there is high lvl people arround due to bots, then they beggin quiting becouse of unfairness. But just by the end when there is no salvation. I agree about giving preference to a different method if it can prove efficient and do not disturb the other players, but I can't think of any. Its like gaming piracy and their secure sistems, it got to affect the honest, but they don't like because they don't get nothing from it. The difference with an MMO is that it is shared and then you really need to look after it.

Thinking about, we need something to interrupt player without removing immersion. I was thinking about making dungeons much better places to lvl and then you get out of it each hour and needs to buy another ticket or talk with an npc, something that interrupts bot. The mmo Dragonica for exemple, it got monsters up ground to lvl, but they made it to be much better to lvl in instance areas where bot can't do since they are stages. Of course there is nothing about stages with TMW, but I'm talking of vantageous places where players can go and that don't viabilize bots. Vantageous places with a protection anti-bot system, can make botters think more about not using just to be there, and non-botters will not bother about the system since they are seeing the advantage of that place. You just need to intregate that with the game somehow, and to be part of the game immersion instead of something apart from it.

Thinking a different thing, there could be a Tired system to hide an anti-bot system. Maybe when players get tired they could go to inns in the game to recharge Tired bar. A tired player would get much less experience. The bar could be still full for most of the period and after 70-80% of the time (to reach 0) beggin to decrease rapidly. The big problem with this would still be the time, since I can't see how to let BOTers acting happily for more than 1 hour making non-botters with the necessity to go "sleep" each real time hour or so. Maybe comom tiredness could be the middle of the bar, and if you recharge it each hour you get bonuses like 3x exp, and some better drop rate. What would make sense since the characters fight a lot, and a totally rested person can learn much better as for real life (experince). This can be made by decreasing the comom exp (at middle Tired bar) come by 1/3. The put ins scatered and some even close to dungeons, becouse since adventurers go there a lot, it makes sense to someone put a inn in these places. Inns out of the city are cool too, actually they usually where made out of it, for travelers. And making it very low price, since thats not the point.

Things is, like the game I said before, it works better giving active (non-botters) players advantages! So to make botting not an so great advantage anymore. And of course that wouldn't be all, its to discourage botting. Then of course there will be still bannign for botter and some active GMs to fiscalise like every MMO should work. Seeing that there is some great advantages not using a bot and that still, if you do, you can get banned I don't think they can see that much utility botting. Also even the ones who bot, they will do less harm to the ones who work they way honestly in the game. Just would need the inns relatively close by and accessible. Player would just have the need to do that when grinding; in the towns or when pvping there would be no need to fill up the bar. It would also don't affect quest experience given by the NPC (if they come to give any, since they give money and itens wich is cool already this way).

Then the botter might just bot till 1 hour and maybe get to inn. But nothing perfect come easy and even the most valuables(money) MMORPGs arround have a perfect formula. They at least couldn't bot while sleeping or when left home, becouse will risk be botting and get maybe ban with 1/3 exp comming by. I don't think when grinding only, leaving a dungeon to a close by inn could hurt, and even better when you get bonuses. Fight really let someone tired and a full rested person can sure learn better from fights. And when chatting in town or in pvp issues or completing quests, this would not botter like a confirmation; will just be part of the game regarding fighting and experince from fighting earning. Quests can give good itens and good exp so that to earn less from that few monsters wouldn't hurt, or you can just rest anyway to do that.
All MMORPGS have bots. The ones who have less is becouse of active GMs and banning or higly secure systems. Discoraging is the key, nothing will be perfect. A game like Dragonica giving that high bonuses with stage instances, make it bot free. But is a side scrolling so, I'm just pointing the "giving great advantages trought things that BOTS can't do" side.

Sadly it don't have the helping to get the botter that a confirmation pop up do. From time to time the tired bar just run out and the character gets transported to the close by in with a menssage like "You felt tired and had the urge to look for an inn...". And then, the tired bar could decrease by the number of monsters you kill. That would make sense. By each 200 monters or so. And to don't need keep going rest, player would be going to kill monster with a highter lvl, while botters need lower ones to work and their tiredness get actived much faster. Make Potions in game not so popular and maybe expensive (like it is I guess?). Maybe the gold is there, in messing with the low lvl monsters that botters so much need. But then of course, there can't be anything like that bats in game, they seem almost made up for botting specially. The monsters lvl and experience need to go together and be balanced like usually is. I guess also, that is making players get almost no experience from monsters like 5 lvl lower, is a away they use to control botting too. Its really a mixing of systems to discourage it, you put a easy mob with nice exp for exemple, with no lvl penalty and this is just calling botters out. At the end I think some things can really be better and incorporated in gameplay to avoid anti-boting pop ups. Still its very important to search and ban botters, thats the most efficient thing not only to remove these disgusting people, but also to be there has a remembering for the others thinking about using it, since later(when games almost finished) they sure will be more sensible about having the chance of banning. Auto teleport and easy reporting for players systems need to be implemented.
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Re: Enforcing No Bots

Post by neo644 » 02 Aug 2008, 18:21

I think we could allow bots to a certain extent. I know a game called Eternal Lands that allows bots. The bots names are in purple and they can only do one ad every 15 minutes and they cant auto train, they can only auto trade. They actually seem to help the economy a lot. So if we can make them distinguishable and limit their actions we could allow bots.
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Re: Enforcing No Bots

Post by Crush » 09 Aug 2008, 17:32

mon wrote: I have yet to see a bot pass the Turing test.
When a bot passes the turing test you would not perceive it as a bot ;)
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