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Post by Crush » 30 Jan 2008, 11:04

The headers should be copied too.

IIRC in a default installation of Code::Blocks the folders where these files are expected are c:/Programs/CodeBlocks/include and c:/Programs/CodeBlocks/lib.
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Post by haggard » 06 Feb 2008, 05:16

ok i might have lied im not giving up but my computer crashed i lost everything yada yada. i got code blocks and TMW devpak....renamed it to a .tar.bz2 file. extracted the include and lib folders into C:/program files/code:blocks/ming32. i checked out the client and the server. ran the account:server code blocks project that was already in the checked out folder and tried to build it. tells me something about enet. n what that is there. so now this is where i am stuck. added the one sdl folder into my code:blocks also.

*correction* got enet 1.1 and its just a bunch of files

This is what i got

Project : TMWServ Accountserver
Compiler : GNU GCC Compiler (called directly)
Directory : C:\TMWS\
Switching to target: default
Compiling: src\account-server\account.cpp
Compiling: src\account-server\accountclient.cpp
In file included from src\account-server\accountclient.cpp:24:
src/account-server/accountclient.hpp:27:23: enet/enet.h: No such file or directory
In file included from src/account-server/accountclient.hpp:30,
from src\account-server\accountclient.cpp:24:
src/net/netcomputer.hpp:42: error: expected `)' before '*' token
src/net/netcomputer.hpp:86: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `ENetPeer' with no type
src/net/netcomputer.hpp:86: error: expected `;' before '*' token
In file included from src\account-server\accountclient.cpp:24:
src/account-server/accountclient.hpp:50: error: expected `)' before '*' token
src\account-server\accountclient.cpp:26: error: expected `)' before '*' token
src\account-server\accountclient.cpp:26: error: expected `,' or `;' before '*' token
Process terminated with status 1 (0 minutes, 12 seconds)
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Post by ElvenProgrammer » 06 Feb 2008, 09:08

Look for my reply in the other post you made:
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Post by leeor_net » 07 Feb 2008, 01:16

You may not have downloaded the latest 'nightly build' for CodeBlocks. The main download on its website is an old RC2 1.0 download -- very outdated.

Instead, you will need to download the Nightly Build version -- This is the one released... today? Code::Blocks Nightly Build - Feb 06, 2008.

I garantee that will clear up your first bit of problems.

Follow ElvenProgrammer's instructions to get all of the various dependancies installed. Be sure to copy all of the necessary LIB's and Header files to their appropriate place. Also make sure that you add the search paths in the IDE's configuration (Settings->Compiler and debugger->Search Directories). I have the following paths in my configuration: C:\CodeBlocks\include, C:\CodeBlocks\include\SDL and C:\CodeBlocks\include\guichan. You will need to set yours to your installation directories -- this just happens to be where I put mine.

After that, if you've done everything right, you should only get a problem when it attempts to build KEY.HPP. At this point, you can use the solution I came up with and put in my post:
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