Law and Order!

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Re: Law and Order!

Post by Shaggy » 04 Jun 2008, 12:29

Daegun wrote:One way to avoid drop stealing is to add some code to the game that would make all drops from your kill yours for a short period of time (Say 10 seconds). This would give your character 10 seconds to pick up anything that has been dropped. Anything left after 10 secs is fair game.
And if your particular battle lasts for more than ten seconds? (quite easily possimble with aggressive enemies)
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Re: Law and Order!

Post by Daegun » 08 Jun 2008, 13:42

Agreed. The timing and such can be tweaked, but the overall idea is the design.
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Re: Law and Order!

Post by Rotonen » 08 Jun 2008, 14:16

The timeout should be reset if you engagage in battle again and start once it is over. This way you could battle through a group and then start to pick up stuff. There could even be a small addition into the timer size depending on the group size.

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