TMW World Revision Proposal

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TMW World Revision Proposal

Post by Len » 31 Mar 2008, 18:18

TMW World Revision Proposal

(Keep in mind its a mock up and not actual tiles)

The main purpose of the proposal is to create a roadmap (like the one for the TMW server) for long-term goals, to basically establish a frame upon which efforts can be coordinated and prior work can be viewed. Hopefully, the overall outcome of which will be less linear, more professional looking game.

We can discuss and add long-term goals (possible example of which being Ecological niches ... Ecological )

I have discussed this topic a little on the Holy Mana forums ... -t158.html
(Please read it)
5t3v3 wrote: Roadmap proposal for future tilesets

Most of you might have already seen some previews of the new forest tilesets under development by Len. And if you have, you're probably very excited about it as most people. With the TMWserv also coming closer to completion, we might have to consider what our desired over-all look would be. There's a great difference in terms of quality as well as color themes between the new forest tileset and the existing sets. A roadmap for future tilesets might thus be very helpful.

Camouflaging tiles
In the current maps, its very obvious that they are tile-based. To some degree that is off course unavoidable, but there are some things that can be done so it would not stand out as much as it does now. And the if one cannot notice that easily that the area is tile-based, it will look more natural and organic.

1. More diagonal lines for transitions.
I think this goes without saying.

2. More frequent use of images with larger amount of tiles as basic unit.
not ever image or object has to fit in one tile, the images don't have to fit the tiles exactly. There's no need to reason to fear having more sections of tile art that can't be broken apart into single tiles. A good method is to draw organic shapes while at first ignoring any of the constraints of having to chop them up as tile art, and then after they are drawn and look good, modifying them to be more modular and reusable.

3. Using colors that have smoother transition in the same tile set.
This doesn't mean that ever edge or border have to have the same tone all over. Just pay extra attention to this when making transition tiles for ground-tiles like the grass in the example.


Having the right colors.
The old tilesets, are quite bright and rich in color. While that has it's charm, it does not match the much darker and realistic colors of the new forest tileset. Although it is expected to have a difference in darkness (like a cemetery as opposed to the desert); a large different in hue and saturation make it seem like it's part of a whole different universe altogether. Another thing to consider is the relation between tilesets and other images (NPC, items, sprites). My idea would be to have the tilesets darker since it is a background, so items and persons which should interest the player more stand out.
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