HID Gamepad support

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HID Gamepad support

Post by pblinux » 06 Apr 2008, 06:12

I have tmw 0.0.24 running Zenwalk on a Sony C1MZX.
I thought i would try and get a gamepad working for this. logically i thought a hid gamepad would be better then one with a windo$e driver cd.

I have actived my hid and joystick modules, then;

# modprobe joydev && usbhid.

$ cat /dev/input/js0

the cat did the funny character thing, so i know the gamepad is working

I then installed rejoystick-0.7 according to its instructions. (i tried jscalibrator and qjoypad with no success.) rejoystick-0.7 configures, makes, and installs fine. So I remapped my keys to TMW keybindings, so when I run TMW nothing happens to my character when using the gamepad... and all that hard work for nothing...

After a 10sec search through the README file that came with rejoystick; I figured it out... I had to turn on rejoystick with:

$ rejoystick -d

and you shut it off with:

$ killall -9 rejoystick

one thing i figured out is that you have all the buttons mapped or the rejoystick fails to work properly.

For those of you wondering, I am using a $10 walmart hid gamepad. Made by GAMEMON Model# FT2E92...

it has a turbo button, which works seperately of the pc interface (hmm... confusing, what i mean is that the turbo is activated at the gamepad and then when i press the [1] button (button0 in rejoystick config menu) on the gamepad for instance which is mapped with [a]; all the pc reads through rejoystick is...


...you get the idea now, right?)

the only thing that i can think this useful for is for drop parties at this time. since i can keybind [ctrl] + [a] via rejoystick for attacking the nearest enemy.

the drawbacks to this setup right now is that only one configuration (gamepad keybinding file) can be used right now. so either all your games have to have the same key bindings or you have to manually reset all the keys with the gui prior to game use.

My current rejoystick settings:


Button2=L Ctrl
Button6=L Alt

This should work with any gamepad that uses a HID interface and has a directional pad and 8 buttons.
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Re: HID Gamepad support

Post by pblinux » 06 Apr 2008, 06:47

I hope this helps... :D

and better write up at:

http://holymana.freeforums.org/linux-hi ... 6.html#985

But you might not be cool enough to view this one... I am unsure of the forum rules. :twisted:
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