Elegant Item Set

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Re: Elegant Item Set

Post by Crush » 01 Jun 2008, 21:01

Saphy wrote:Crush, is it possible to recolour the lace and the fabric with different colour, or will the recolouring be limited to a single hue?
Yes, you can have up to 7 individually recolored channels in a single graphic.
Saphy wrote:For armour, it may be a little weird, but for clothes, it really makes sense.
The crafting system on TMWServ will allow you to craft the same armor from different materials. The recoloring system can be used to visualize the material an armor is made from. The golden platemail which is currently ingame is already demonstrating this concept - it is a dynamic recolorisation of the normal one.
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Re: Elegant Item Set

Post by Slave » 01 Jun 2008, 22:12

well alright, i will just finish it as is and you guys can decide what to do with it.
like my avatar? i drew a concept of old savior plate which is now outaded in a bout 5 mins. if you have an avatar froma game you would like me to draw for you give me a PM.
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