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Post by kr0n05931 » 18 Aug 2008, 18:07

Platyna wrote:Well, this is already done by banning, problem is how to teach people a lesson in some sort of RPG way instead evil ban stick.

*ahem* It's a ban hammer. ;)
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Post by Habari » 06 Sep 2008, 20:32

i think should involve being inside a jail where you cant get out but people from the game can see you and laufh at you , maybe with bars they should be in the centre of te city , with chat , trading , and so disabled , the punishment shouldnt be just to spend time in jail beause people would turn on and off the pc and come back when punishment is finished they should have to do forzed works such as moving heavy boxes from one side of the prison to other and only when you have moved x boxes you can exit jail..
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Post by Booth » 06 Sep 2008, 20:57

i like that idea and yes i have seen one where u can see people inside the jail cell i like that =P
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Post by 5t3v3 » 09 Sep 2008, 22:20

jaxad0127 wrote:Maybe use a system like the new death system to keep them busy while online.
Like community service...
For example kill 500 maggots, untill this quest is completed you will not receive exp from kills, and you will not be unable to pick up your own drops. We could set different monsters depending on the level of the convict. As for public humiliation, perhaps you could change their sprites to a sprite wearing a convict uniform, and they are unable to equip any clothes above it to hide it. Or maybe they just have a ball and chain attached to their feet.
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Post by Mylo » 17 Oct 2008, 10:30

Habari wrote:i think should involve being inside a jail where you cant get out but people from the game can see you and laufh at you , maybe with bars they should be in the centre of te city , with chat , trading , and so disabled , the punishment shouldnt be just to spend time in jail beause people would turn on and off the pc and come back when punishment is finished they should have to do forzed works such as moving heavy boxes from one side of the prison to other and only when you have moved x boxes you can exit jail..
I also like this idea.
As an additional punishment we could add a 'warning'-sticky to the convict after he leaves jail. Whenever a player wants to trade with the ex-convict, the player gets a warning that the ex-convict has been in jail. Up to the player to decide whether he should continue his trading with the ex-convict or not. Like a criminal record.
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Post by ado » 17 Oct 2008, 14:52

And may be we can do a sort of "race for live" thing?

By this I mean:
Person breaks rules, and as punishment he teleported to "gloomy region".
There is only one way back, that he have to pass. To begin his way back he have to obtain permission from Prince of Sorry, for this he have to answer questions (that can be questions about rules, or he have to click "I will not abuse others" line in dialog for 150 times 8) ).
After obtaining the permission (Scroll of Freedom for example), he begin his run for life :D
He have to pass a valley with immortal monsters, that will act like snakes (i.e. try actively attack him), if he dies - he returns to the beginning (may be place a soul stone there, and make it persons last soul stone). And he will have to complete this steps until he reaches end of valley (Gates of Slack).
There he have to pass Scroll of Freedom to gatekeeper, and be free.
But if the person visits this place very often (i.e. do not learn lessons) this gatekeeper may say that I will let you out if you would survive, for example, one hour in is place, and number of times, that he have to click "I will not abuse others" line will increase in 10-20 or so on times, we even cat combine this things: NPC will be in surrounding of monsters, and person will have to distract monsters first, and then he would have time to click one or two times :mrgreen:
Person can't heal himself (regenerate health only when he is resurrected near the stone, but will loose all progress i.e. made clicks/scroll/time), and may be we have to slowdown his movement a little.

Well this is my idea :)
And this may be also be a little quest :) with Code of Conduct reward that you will receive if you want for example complete quest for Helmet of Sacrifice :)

P.S. Sorry for my English.
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Post by robodoggy » 19 Oct 2008, 20:25

Here is my idea

Their would be two of the person:

1. His/her spirit
2. his/her body

the body would have the clothes he/she was last wearing and the spirit would have a convicts outfit

the spirit would be in a jail map and the body would be in the town center in barracks. The player would play as the spirit when he/she logs on and he would have to spend X moveing minnuets in jail. by moving minnuets i mean he hast to take a Y amount of steps each minuet. like (1). this would make it so that you are required to stay at your computer while you do jail because you need to move a certain number of steps each minnet.

The body would be inside a no moveing zone where people could look at it

When "Steps"
if newmin = true
minsteps = minsteps + 1
if minsteps = Y
minsteps = 0
newmin = false
mindone = mindone + 1
end if
end if
if mindone = X
Event "Free From jail"
mindone = 0
end if
End when
When "New Min"
Newmin = true
end when
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Post by lethaljellybean » 26 Oct 2008, 08:42

How about also including all the mana players to be able to attack the inmate?

The inmate clothes-sprites can give attack attributes 0 or even -x, so they are discouraged to attack other players as well. This might be a little too extreme though...
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Post by Fother » 14 Jan 2009, 09:03

jaxad0127 wrote:
Crush wrote:Which of the many proposed new death systems are you refering to?
I thought you had decided. The maze system.
I think a maze system for the jail/prison would work out great.

It'd be easier if it were an outdoor field prison (the kind where there's no segregation and the prisoners live in tents). If the player ends up in jail, their re-spawn point would be the middle of the prison yard. There could be two entrances/exits for anyone to leave or somewhat casually leave the prison. The first exit could only be passable by those who have either a GM or Dev cap in their inventory (or special prison guard cap, or some kind of pass that can be obtained by meeting certain requirements). The second can lead to a maze with tight passages and lots of overuse of portals to make it frustrating, and some kind of strong, almost un-passable monsters flooding the tight passages [guard dogs, or a minotaur?]. Of course PVP would be on in the prison, and cheeky GM's could hand out prison visitor passes/guard hats to let people savagely beat the trouble maker. To satisfy anyone's curiosity about the prison, there could be a leveled quest that involves the player being falsely accused of a crime and going to jail. There could be plenty prisoner enemy sprites with the full gambit of existing monster behaviors (prison gang & leader that operates like the santa/reindeer slimes, or just assist), hostile prisoners, item snatching prisoners, and of course, the standard non-hostile.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself since there's plenty other more important stuff to work on, but just a thought.
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Post by Irvine » 04 Jun 2009, 21:26

Why not send them into a dungeon?
Has anyone play Oblivion The Shivering Isles expansion?
In the game, if you break the rules and decide to go to jail and not totaly kill the gaurds in the town, you would be sent to a large dungeon with all there items gone except a few basic items. (In this game{Single weapon->Sharp knife?}{And low level armour->Cotton items}) I thought it was a good idea. But this would be hard. You could make things like the aggraesive monster (Scorpions, Red slimes, and JACKOS!), If you make it incredibly hard to get out people would have less incentive to do bad things. Any suggestions on that?

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Post by Enchilado! » 11 Jun 2009, 05:52

Okay, my idea:
The gaol has cells, and other players can wander in and view the rule-breakers. However, the rule-breaker can't see the people watching him. This would be more humiliating, because he does not know if anyone is watching him or not. Instead of a time for being in gaol, he has, as someone (who? Ado?) suggested, to click I Will Not Scam People Any More a certain number of times, and once this is done, the doors of the cell open and he can walk out, and have to face any of the people who have been laughing at him. There could be a tub of rotten apples outside the cell, and players can pick up as many as they want and throw them at the rule-breaker. They take off between 1 and 10 hp each, regardless of either player's level, and if the rule-breaker runs out of HP he resurrects in the cell, and has to start his I Will Not Scam People Any Mores all over again. Also, the person throwing the apples gains something like 2 xp every time he hits the rule-breaker, so it's a good way to level up if you're not so high.
However, just to make prison a bit fun sometimes, cell no. 3 (my favourite number) has a secret passage at the back, so if you are put in this cell (it is random) you can escape out the back. The tunnels leads into the sewer pipe (seen the Shawshank Redemption, anyone?) and out, and the tunnel is full of big Sewer Rats which are aggressive, so spamming n00bs will probably not make it out and have to serve the time they were alloted. GMs could have a @bail command if the rule-breaker convinced them they were innocent.
The jail would look very plain, with just enough detail to make it bearable to look at. And for the next week (or maybe 15 hours playing time) the player has a symbol above their head, different depending on what they did: Swearing a white, comic-strip style speaking box containing #@%$!; Scamming a four-leaf clover and one gold coin with a curved arrow between them indicating them being swapped; Spamming the same comic-strip speaking box but this time containing about six lines of minute, unreadable text but clearly identical; Botting a little robot. And when you trade with this person, a little box pops up and says: This person was convicted for scamming within the last fifteen hours of gameplay! Do you want to continue?
Swearing, Spamming and Botting wouldn't really affect trades, but they could be notified too. Also, the player could be forced to wear a stripy convict suit for the next hour of gameplay.

~sorry about the overlong post,
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Post by bcs86 » 11 Jun 2009, 06:22

The jail should have nothing to do with actual misbehavior. Players who misbehave can be sent back to IRL to chill out!
There is a much better use for a 'jail'. Have it be merely a consequence of selecting bad choices in a quest dialogue or offending an NPC in the sense of game play only. That way the jail can safely be elaborate and fun so our hackers can have fun designing it rather than thinking about bureaucratic nonsense.
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