Smuggler's cove

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Smuggler's cove

Post by octalot » 24 Sep 2008, 16:52

I've half-drawn a concept of a map, and then decided that it needs big changes.
I'm posting it as-is to see if I should complete it, and see what ideas people have.

Planned changes:
I know it needs a big border.
The bridge to the ship will get wider.
The ship will be bigger, so that a reasonable below-decks map will fit with it.
Make the ship horizonal, so the masts and sails don't cover much of the map.
The cave-wall graphics will be sorted out after the ship is repositioned.
A few cave-rooms to the south of the current room, from which the rockfall in the tunnel can be seen.


The entrance is on the right. There's an NPC (Tulimshar guard sprite) by the door.

> (talk)
A smuggler's ship by the looks of it.
It must have been in port when the volcano blew, and a wave threw the fore of the ship in to the cave wall. It's smashed up badly.

> Can we get below-deck?
The hull's full of water, so we can't get in yet.
The earthquake must have collapsed the entrance tunnel and cut it off from the sea, there's no tide in here. So it might drain.

> Where's the crew?
Back at their soul-rock. It's full of monsters now; clear a few for us, would you?

> What's in the barrels?
Salt-water with a hint of rum.

> Where did it come from?
We'll find out when {name} in Tulimshar has had a look at the timber.
If you can take some to him then he'll have more samples to study.

Possible quests:
Someone in Tulimshar sends you here to fetch a {broken ship's timber}. They want to find out what wood it's made of.
Would need a new item that's dropped by a monster on this map.

Location in the gameworld:
Currently there's an unused cavemouth on the new beach west of Tulimshar.
I think this would fit better to the east of Tulimshar, but those are already snake caves.

Similar level to the new beach.

Graphics needed:
ship bits
masts (where the pylons are at the moment)
broken wood
the rocks on the south of the map should look like a rockfall.

Graphics needed for drying the cave out:
The rock walls will become much higher, as there'll be another level below.

I think most of those graphics are already requested for caves or the port town.
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Re: Smuggler's cove

Post by Crush » 24 Sep 2008, 20:24

A horrible case of tile abuse. None of the tiles you used for the ship is supposed to be used that way. When you want this to get ingame you need a complete ship tileset made especially for this purpose.

I hope you will find a pixel artist who is up to this task.
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