Port current eAthena content (NPCs, monsters) to tmwserv?

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Port current eAthena content (NPCs, monsters) to tmwserv?

Post by igneus » 29 Sep 2008, 21:49

Is it planned to port current TMW content from eAthena to the new TMW server or will the world be remade from scratch?

I tried to connect to the testing server with 0.1 client this morning and it seemed
pretty empty. While I successfully started a private testing server, I could try to port at least some of the contents of Tulimshar, but I would like to know first, if it would be useful at this time.
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Re: Port current eAthena content (NPCs, monsters) to tmwserv?

Post by Crush » 29 Sep 2008, 21:55

This is still a matter of discussion in the development team.

Some people like me would like to port as much eAthena content as possible and work from there.

Other people want to start a new world from scratch referring to the old content as "pseudo content".

Then there are people who would like to initially port the eAthena content but then replace it step by step as soon as TMWServ goes online.

Graphics and sounds have the highest chance of surviving this discussion because people who can make them are scarce. Maps not so much because we are quite overrun by competent mappers as soon as we announce a mapping task (and also when we don't). NPC scripts have to be reprogrammed anyway so we will most likely use the chance to adjust the text of pure "talking NPCs" to the gameplay of TMWServ and the change of ingame lore in the last years.

Nevertheless we could use someone who was not involved in TMWServ development yet and tries to port as many old Tulimshar scripts as accurately as possible merely for beta testing the script bindings. It could help us to detect missing features, bugs, limitations and flaws in the usability of our new scripting system.
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