double post - please delete

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double post - please delete

Post by helan » 30 Jan 2009, 10:34

please delete - double post (connection)

found this - cannot delete anymore i guess :)

» How do I edit or delete a post?
Unless you are a board administrator or moderator, you can only edit or delete your own posts. You can edit a post by clicking the edit button for the relevant post, sometimes for only a limited time after the post was made. If someone has already replied to the post, you will find a small piece of text output below the post when you return to the topic which lists the number of times you edited it along with the date and time. This will only appear if someone has made a reply; it will not appear if a moderator or administrator edited the post, though they may leave a note as to why they’ve edited the post at their own digression. Please note that normal users cannot delete a post once someone has replied.

and i asked it to be deleted in the first place as all the other forums i am on don't allow deleting at all.

thank you for advice anyways - will do next time. :)
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Re: double post - please delete

Post by Jaxad0127 » 30 Jan 2009, 14:13

Delete it yourself. See the "X" button on your post? That will do it. You can also edit your post and choose the delete option.
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