I have some requests!

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Post by Magick » 17 Jun 2005, 03:18

I think going the keyboard way would be much better also but if im not mistaken its not going to happen.

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Post by Modanung » 17 Jun 2005, 09:30

Seems like we'll have both. Which I would like.

One of the disadvantages of only using the keyboard is with talkable NPC's you'll have to stand against them to talk to them. With a lot of players people will have to wait until there is enough space. And bored people will stand in the way of serious players.
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Post by Bear » 18 Jun 2005, 14:52

I just reviewed the requests that guy posted, and just noticed that all of them are taken directly from RO -_-....

Anyways, about the keyboard and NPC, maybe there can be an auto lock NPC, like when you press a button, it locks onto a NPC, then you can use the keyboard to scroll thru the NPCs on your screen/.
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