i have an answer to ur death penalty

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Post by Joker The Reaper » 23 Feb 2006, 00:45

the loss of exp is a good idea, but would be best to keep it at a low amount depending on lvl, as far as item loss & money loss, it might not go so well, but if you do put a bank system, the money loss wont be a bad idea, along with the exp loss. the respawn sickness sounds like a good idea as well. maybe adding some of all, a lil loss of exp, a % of money loss, & respawn sickness ,like having to use items to get health back, or spend money at the inn, or in a certain period of time the player will have to sit & wait for hp to go up again like normal, this way they loss either money, potions, or time, either way, it may make some people angry, but its better than losing an item, or alot of exp, & the fact is that people will abuse it, if there isnt any kind of punishment. a simple punishment for dieing will let the player know that they will have to either find weaker prey, or get ready to lose something.
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