Item Notes:

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Item Notes:

Post by Cotillion » 14 Apr 2009, 00:39

I would like to see the ability to add our personal Notes to any item. 1 note per item. Once a note has been added, it can only be removed by paying a fee (1,000 gp) to the taylor by the person who added the note.

1) Gifts: Sugarcorgit wants to gift a ranger hat to Cotillion. She places her own note on the Ranger Hat "Welcome to HMC" [sugarcorgit]
2) People can inscribe their own notes on their items. "This ranger hat belongs to Cotillion" [cotillions shadow bank]

Items received via #1- the note would stay there always until the Ranger Hat was given back to sugarcorgit. She could then spend the 1k to have the note removed and do what she wants with the hat.

Items in #2, well pretty basic. If I wanted to remove the note, I could do so at the taylors.


Personalization. I have a certain fondness to certain items. Even if I have duplicates, I still know which is the original item.

Why else?

Theft deterrent. Yeah, someone could hack an account, but to spend all that time at the taylors' removing each item one at a time, seems tough. Mix and match your mules/items/accounts, you could virtually eliminate this (not that this is that big of a deal)

Any other reason?

No. Just think this would be cool.

Long Live TMW
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Re: Item Notes:

Post by Jaxad0127 » 14 Apr 2009, 01:07

Maybe with TMWServ, since each item instance will be unique.
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