[WIP] Snake Lord Monster Sprite

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Re: [WIP] Snake Lord Monster Sprite

Post by Alige » 17 Jan 2012, 00:36

That is awesome but what is mostly needed for now is a spritesheet with the walk and attack frames (sword), even if the graphics are not precise enough. When the spritesheet will be finished, we will then be able to focus on details.

Thanks a lot and keep it up!
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Re: [WIP] Snake Lord Monster Sprite

Post by Chicka-Maria » 08 Sep 2012, 19:44

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Re: [WIP] Snake Lord Monster Sprite

Post by nashley » 08 May 2015, 00:19

-Znk- wrote:I made a retouch to the sprite...
What do you think about duller colors?
modified snake lord.png
modified snake lord.png (7.05 KiB) Viewed 1558 times
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Re: [WIP] Snake Lord Monster Sprite

Post by gumi » 08 May 2015, 04:23

a snake with abs? awesome
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Re: [WIP] Snake Lord Monster Sprite

Post by EJlol » 08 May 2015, 08:20

It has still lots of black lines, and therefore doesn't follow the art guidelines. Please change that :wink:
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