Poisen in the Game

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Re: Poisen in the Game

Post by zuo » 03 Jun 2009, 00:43

right, if there are status effects, typical for all cRPGs, there should be protection jewelry as well - it's typical for cRPG ;-)

As far as i know, only obtainable jewelry is luck charm and wedding ring o_O

ANTIPOISON SCARAB. Buyable for e.g. for 200k/more or obtainable in mission like this for demon mask.

(just a proposition)

But as i can see, being poisoned by grass snakes doesn't occur so often, cool. Or maybe not and I'm dreaming, don't know really.

Nevertheless, amulets, charms, rings, yeah we want them.
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Re: Poisen in the Game

Post by Crush » 03 Jun 2009, 00:57

By the way: The doctor NPC in Hurnscald removes poison for free (not that it really matters, because buying a bunch of slow-poison potions is most likely more efficient than returning to Hurnscald everytime you are poisoned).
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Re: Poisen in the Game

Post by Wombat » 04 Jun 2009, 08:10

Poison seems much more balanced now. :mrgreen:
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Re: Poisen in the Game

Post by DonCBen » 04 Jun 2009, 21:28

I got poisoned for the first time today. By a cave snake. It only lasted for a few seconds and didn't take but probably half my hp. I think it seems to be at a very fair balance right now. I mean, those poor snakes didn't stand a chance when they couldn't poison us!!
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