Apple Core and similar ideas

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Re: Apple Core and similar ideas

Post by Jaxad0127 » 11 Sep 2009, 14:02

Under TMWServ, where the only inventory limit you'll have is weight, we can add all those items without problem (as most will weigh very little).
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Re: Apple Core and similar ideas

Post by Viscous Viscera » 12 Sep 2009, 08:28

Jax: You could rather change it that it's your choice if you want to use the full bottle or only half of it?
Full bottle= +150 HP
Half bottle= +75 HP
How's the idea?

Also, I find "unclean bottles" pointless, because if empty bottles already exist, why not change it to "empty container" instead? Also when you drink the water, it does not become dirty/unclean. And:
--> Giving you an option of using only "half" of the potions (Includes iron potions and concentration potions) which will then reduce the timing of temporary increase in stats by 50%
--> Giving you the options of "filling" the water bottles by any source of water will be VERY useless and the nobody will buy other stuff, it will become too cheap.
--> Using 1 bottle of water to fill 2 bottles of water (using #kaflosh and "/me fills bottle" as used with the tree ) would be better since dipping the bottles in water is free itens (the typo is deliberate, I'm not an annoying beggar) , also in New Tulimshar town, empty bottles are sold cheap so people will buy the bottles and go around dipping them, those are cheaper.
--> Dyes come in vials, no point changing them to "dirty bottles". Instead change them to empty vials and when it comes to "using" them... make a magic quest for Auldsbel where he requires several empty vials for some experiment. (He will give the ingredients too)

And yes, I know that nobody reads long posts.

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Re: Apple Core and similar ideas

Post by Ces » 12 Sep 2009, 14:28

What I have in mind:
— The half bottle graphics will not be used for multiple-use items in eAthena (something for tmwserv), though the graphics may get used in the end
— Unclean bottles will wait for tmwserv
— As not try to disturb the game economy, propose revisions to drops and quests involving potions et cetera

The empty bottle system I might propose will not be “logical” per se (that will have to wait for tmwserv, as eAthena has its limitations).

At the moment I’m not addressing tmwserv, as I think the whole game economy needs to be rethought. I would though like to test a few ideas on eAthena and see how/why they are (dis)liked.
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Re: Apple Core and similar ideas

Post by Viscous Viscera » 13 Sep 2009, 17:05

Empty bottles are pretty pointless, "filling" them is VERY pointless.. and magically turning into different shapes is:
:x :x :x :x
Also, the best idea to put empty bottles into usage is "brewing" by yourself. Using different kinds of spells to brew potions.
"server: You put in herbs"
"server: You were able to brew a large potion".
This might be a good use of them, then turning into different shapes "ONLY" on spells will be a "little" useful.
It also came to my mind that you could use "half" of a dye vial to dye your clothes in a way lighter color. So that you have clothes with different shapes. And then,
>> Color mixing: For example:
1 vial of yellow dye + half vial of dark green dye = Light Blue dye.
1 vial of dark blue dye + half vial of yellow dye = Dark Green dye
But I find it expensive, also cheap.
>> Printing patterns on your Tnecks/Vnecks/Shirts (Only for all kinds of "tops")
For example:
Guerrilla war
Tree pattern
Apple? (It'll look AWESOME)
Windows? (Yuck!!)
Also about the apple cores, they can be added to squirrels, mouboos etc.
And the flowers can then drop thorns (Hard Spike is different) which can then be used to make darts, and adding a
"blowpipe/Blowgun" to the game.
Snakes can drop "fangs" so as to make poison arrows. For example:
5 fangs to poison 100 arrows
50 fangs to poison 1000 arrows
100 fangs to poison 2000 arrows
Then here are some new ideas for weapons:
Poisoned Dagger (Ingredients to make: Dagger, maggot slime, fangs and 1000 GP) but this is only for poisoning.
Crossbow, [Ingredients to make: Forest bow, 100 raw logs, silk cocoons (for the bowstring). Additional stuff: 5 iron ore and empty bottle ( for the scoping device which might add +XX to dex? sounds good to me).
NOTE: The bottle is to be used as a lens.
Then I also though there should be a little physics in this game, for example:
>> Arrows when shot, which miss the critters might then hit a critter lets say, behind it at 50% damage (slowed on the basis of speed it was launched at to hit the critter).
Slimes should drop "slime..." to be used in alchemy.
This way:
❝There are two types of secrets: One that is not worth keeping,
...and Second that is too good to keep❞
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