TMWServ alpha test (splitted from "Holiday idea")

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Re: TMWServ alpha test (splitted from "Holiday idea")

Post by Crush » 15 Sep 2009, 20:14

Reasons why we are not doing a full-scale TMWServ beta test yet:

1. The gameplay and content will have drastic changes all the time. Players are always pissed when things change, see ... =12&t=8254
2. We can not guarantee at this point that the database will stay intact. Slight changes might invalidate the whole database and force everyone to start again. Would you like this?
3. TMWServ has still major security problems which make it irresponsible to use it productively
4. Known bugs which are so omnipresent and annoying that they would be unbearable to a player.

But don't forget that TMW and TMWServ are free open source software. When you want to dare it you can start your own beta test. All you need can be found in our git repositories. But please do us a favor and deal the player complaints yourself.
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