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Development discussions for Manaplus (Evol's official client) and alternative clients.
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Re: ManaPlus - Official TMW Client v1.6.4.23

Post by 4144 » 05 Sep 2018, 00:30

Change log always at

fix: visual issue with used tiles from empty atlases.
fix: hiding deleted temporary skills.
fix: crash with wrong moving paths.
fix: loading commands in text command editor.
fix: quotes in some char gm commands.
fix: some packets.
fix: cross compilation issue. (by Helmut Grohne)
fix: dont allow buy items with amount 0 from market shop types.
fix: moving between slots by keyboard in character select dialog.
fix: sending talk request to npc from menu if npc have not unique names.
fix: split updateprotocol.cpp into parts for less memory usage in compilation.
fix: add possible workaround for realpath overflow.
fix: crash if read corrupted zip archive.
fix: disable errors "in cache other image" due false positives.
add: some new chat emotes.
add: extent chat /use command for support colors and use actions.
add: show warning in servers dialog if software mode selected.
add: gm revive button in death dialog if player have revive command.
add: shortcuts buttons icons by Guaritore. (disabled by default)
add: log libcurl errors into manaplus.log.
add: disable password from command line by default.
add: extend shortcuts bars skining.
add: use cache dir for game data files on Haiku.
add: enable images in updater window.
add: allow dragging by uneditable text boxes.
add: use more strict flags in asan/ubsan builds.
add: dont disable keyboard input in pincode dialogs.
add: play item usage sounds for all players around.
add: update packets.
remove: support for CILK plus.
remove: support for hercules plugin version 12 and older.
remove: text "Message" from message related windows.
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Re: ManaPlus - Official TMW Client v1.6.4.23

Post by MAF-Saulc » 06 Sep 2018, 17:38

Thanks for your reply !
here a little showcase :D
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