[DIS] A process for getting graphics into the game

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Re: [DIS] A process for getting graphics into the game

Post by AxlTrozz » 08 Dec 2009, 18:34

I'm also for eA and CR's as two different entities.

In regards of eAthena I feel also like is more any contribution is accepted and evaluated under a minimum rules requirements. but personally I rather use my time for CR's. In fact I'm not doing any graphics for eA and I think the process will be in the opposite direction, any CR's contribution art can be used on eA but not from eA to Cr's

For CR's projects and sub project what is needed is more definition, like we are trying to do,
1. A Map (that decide the size of the project and the amount of work)
2. A set of rules for the graphics (already in use)
3. A list of all necessary graphics (by zone, size, skill level?)
4. At this point we can apply Crush's suggested model (may be with some changes due to lack of contributors)
:arrow: Quality Queue
:arrow: Integration Queue
:arrow: Implementation Queue
:arrow: Release Queue
The real challenge is not define this process but get a real Art Producer Engine (mean find the right people for the right job), also all the contributor involved MUST be artist (except for the Release Queue which is a pure technical aspect of the process).
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Re: [DIS] A process for getting graphics into the game

Post by Crush » 08 Dec 2009, 18:48

The implementation queue is not really art related either. It is about comming up with stats and a way to bring a graphic into the game. For an item, for example, if it should be added to a shop, quest or monster drop list, and implement it.

The integration queue only needs moderate graphical know-how.

The only place where graphical expertise is really required is the QA queue.
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