Resources for getting started to develop code for tmw

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Resources for getting started to develop code for tmw

Post by criptos » 28 Sep 2005, 16:55

Rigth now, the fun is more about the creation of the mana world, than being at the game.

I been working, reading, a lot since the last week. So here are useful links that I been using so far. Mainly I been looking at the server code, but I think links could be useful for client code also.

The first link, is about C++, I?m not much of a c++ guy, mostly I do hacks to other people code, not a creation of a new whole structure, so to refresh my c++ knowledge, specially about the STL library, navigation is quite odd at the site, but it giveme examples of vectors, friends and a quite other stuff... ... lustut.htm

Lookint at the code, there are a variety of coding styles, specially regarding to class/methods addresing, so, an explanation about namespace and using directives can be found ... paces.html here

One of my main issues, was dynamic cast of classes at c++, other programming languajes, well, an object was a object, but not for C++, this link is inside the C++ tutorial, but talks specifically about dynamic casting of objects ... 21302c.htm

And the most complete an useful link I have found so far, talks about EVERYTHING about game developing, gives tons of USEFUL links, cover from opengl to NPC IA, Games Economics, almos anything you want... I think that this is THE LINK so far: ... eprog.html
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