Youtube official TMW channel reorganization

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Youtube official TMW channel reorganization

Post by Saulc »

Hera list of things i would like to change on Youtube TMW Channel.
I hope you will react about this and give your poitn of view.

1.Main page:
1.1 Logo
-Still good if its stay the same in game.
1.2 Banner
-Look too old. Need a new more fresh and atractive
1.3 First visit video
- its already the Demo video of the game. then this video was realize 2 years ago. We also can reanme this video TMW Legacy demo video and creat a new one who looks more to the actual content.
-If you are subscribe you see the last video poster. its good poitn dont need to change that.
2.1 Miniature
-Actually any video have mignature. Its really bad point because mignatures are the showcase of your video. here have nothing then the spectator will think this video will, be boring and not elaborate.
2.2 Title
-For moment title are too short. It will be better to give more information here.
2.3 Duration
-Video less longer than 1 min it's not really a good idea. Youtue its not snap or another software for share short videos.
-Howerver i saw some videos about TMW which have a long duration, (more than 25 min) and in this case the gameplay need to be various and not repetitive like just kill pinkies during 1 h :twisted: (yes i help a lot Hinnak sometime)
2.4 Video description
-"Exept demo video" All videos have too short description. this place it's normally used to give information about the video , the game, what going on ? and link to acces to the game and other socials networks.
3.1Playlist name
-Nowadays exit only 3 playlist. its quit low. "Game play" "Video liked""Development".But we need to keep them.
-But we can also add "Tutorials""Event""All""Popular"(most view) and "Latest Post".
3.2Playlist organization
-Add more playlist to the main page.
-the list of featured channels its already the same of subscribe channels 'TMW Sounds" 'Cassy TMW" "Monomu Mana"
-What is the best things to do ? only propose Sounds channel or try to add all channels which speak about TMW
- this part its empty maybe we should remove it or just post something about "You should join IRC channel and Forum"
-the Description its cool maybe we can change some little things The Mana World (TMW) is a serious effort to create an innovative free and open source MMORPG. TMW uses 2D graphics and aims to create a large and diverse interactive world. It is licensed under the GPL, making sure this game can't ever run away from you.
Explore this large, ever expanding world to defeat monsters, help NPCs and team up with friends as you achieve your goals. Get your weapons, armor and equipment through quests, monsters or crafting. Play mini-games, go on complex investigations or slay powerful bosses. Hang out in town, socialize or attend player organized events. Wear your boots and grab your sword, adventure waits for you!
We are volunteer driven and encourage player participation in development. We have a long history of contributors. We try to make contributing to the game easy.
-And this page give link to "Forum" "Facebook" "Twitter" "Tiled" "Google+" "Wiki" "Steam" "Mana plus" its a really good point.
-Maybe it can be good to add IRC link.
-We just need to add more video and share them to the community to organize a big social.
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Re: Youtube official TMW channel reorganization

Post by WildX »

Everything looks good. For the logo, we're still waiting on our new one to be made so we might need to hold off for a bit on that one.
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Re: Youtube official TMW channel reorganization

Post by Reid »

1 Main page
1. Is it possible to put some transparency on the TMW's log on YT?
2. The banner is a cropped version of TMW, we could use one of Evol's old banner instead or make a brand new with some atypical game places on it (or just a background with "The Mana World" written one).
3. The Demo of the alpha game (or even a mix of legacies Evol and TMW could be interesting).

2 Video
1. For the Miniature we could create some kind of generic images, give out the size requirement and we could do some try.
2. What kind of titles are you talking about?
3. I disagree about video length, a short video is also good (i.e.: look at steam videos).
4. I agree, it would be good to come up with a short list of link to links on these descriptions as well.

3 Playlist
1. There are not many playlists as there are not many videos at all. :) Once we will have more videos we will start to make more playlist too.
2. Same ^

4 Channels
IMO featured channels should be some links toward some friendly projects as well as related projects.

5 Discussion
Keep it, some people uses YT as a social network, it's still good to be reachable there.
Also yes, a link to the forum and/or IRC would be indeed good.

6 About
Is that description the same as the one on Steam?
We will have to come up with some short summaries that we will add on most of our social networks and advertised places.
What would be interesting would be to make a mix of Evol and TMW summaries.

6(bis) Finally
Indeed, and YT is easily spreadable to other social networks thus it makes a good resource to show our presence!
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