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Posted: 05 Feb 2008, 21:18
by pey512
I want to start development on a training ground for new users but i wanna know if i can and how ppl feel

Posted: 05 Feb 2008, 21:46
by Simeon
From what I gather, there will be a newbie friendly place where they can learn the game, see the images in this thread for example: Newbie-friendly North Argaes geography. I'm sure it'll feature a training ground of some sorts where people can learn the basics of fighting.

Posted: 05 Feb 2008, 22:02
by Crush
Do you want to create a tutorial course for the old server or for the new server?

When you do it for the old server you should realize that it won't live very long because it is very unlikely that anything of it can be used for the new server. The game mechanics and the scripting language will be completely different.

The development of the new server, on the other hand, isn't advanced enough to even plan a tutorial yet. The script bindings don't have all the capabilities you would need for a really good tutorial and a lot of core game mechanics which would have to be explained during a tutorial haven't even been conceptualized yet.

Posted: 07 Feb 2008, 16:08
by pey512
My basic idea is an area where new players learn basic skills and can fight a small variety of weak monsters before going to the world server

Re: Training

Posted: 18 Feb 2008, 19:48
by Deranous
Like a tutorial?

Re: Training

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 06:28
by bigglesworth
I think I understand.

You want a tutorial like "the Battle for Wesnoth" has a tutorial?


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