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Posted: 21 Jun 2007, 18:31
by sauveur
Hey I had connected on the mana world once and it worked perfectly...Now when I connect there is an error report.... The name of that bug (or report) is ntdll.dll

I would really want to get the bug out of there and that why i am asking your help...

Thanks in advance...

Posted: 21 Jun 2007, 18:42
by Crush
ntdll.dll is a windows core system file. When it can't be found your whole system might be fubar.

Posted: 21 Jun 2007, 19:34
by sauveur
is there a way to solve that problem?

Posted: 21 Jun 2007, 21:32
by Matt
A reinstallation of windows may solve the problem. (but i wonder why no other program complained about it...)

You arent running the windows version of tmw under wine, right?

Posted: 21 Jun 2007, 22:59
by sauveur
well i downloaded the windows version.... is that what you mean?

Posted: 22 Jun 2007, 00:17
by Blamoo
reinstall ur OS... :D

Posted: 22 Jun 2007, 12:59
by sauveur

Posted: 22 Jun 2007, 13:04
by yosuhara
sauveur wrote:os????
Operation System (Windows in your case)

Posted: 22 Jun 2007, 13:17
by sauveur
is there a way I can restart my system without deleting everything on my computer?

Posted: 22 Jun 2007, 14:50
by Matt
well if you got the right windows cd and you know what you are doing you dont need to delete anything...

Posted: 22 Jun 2007, 15:26
by sauveur
It would be really useful for me if you would telll me a very detailed way to do it because I am good in some stuff with a computuer but not with that kind of thing...I would really appreciate

Posted: 24 Jun 2007, 12:40
by Platyna
Just paste te exact message that appears of make a screenshot of the error.


Posted: 26 Jun 2007, 13:11
by sauveur
of course if its goign to help you

there you go

[img= ...][/img]

Posted: 26 Jun 2007, 14:15
by ElvenProgrammer
Try to run The Mana World without updating it. Use the following switch:
--skipupdate : Skip the update process
If you think your system is corrupt you can try:
Start -> Run... -> cmd -> sfc /scannow