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[NOT A BUG] stupid monsters

Posted: 23 Jun 2005, 23:22
by MathGeek
Monsters will target the first player to hit them. This allows other players to kill the monster while the first player runs away. This seems like cheating.

Could monsters target the last player to hit them instead?

Posted: 23 Jun 2005, 23:45
by Magick
Nice find. Im sure they will try and change it. Thanks for posting :)


Posted: 24 Jun 2005, 12:32
by Bjørn
Probably won't be changed until we switch to our own server. I think this is intended behaviour, though somebody who knows more about eAthena might know a way to change it.

Posted: 24 Jun 2005, 12:45
by Modanung
Yea, the AI is pretty simple so far. Pathfinding works ok though. :)


Posted: 24 Jun 2005, 18:04
by Sull
this is not a bug,it just apply on non-agressive monster.
agressive monster can switch of atacker.but they are more dangerous heh.

Posted: 24 Jun 2005, 18:35
by ElvenProgrammer
I think eAthena can do something about it as Sull said, we just have to choose the right behaviour of monsters.


Posted: 24 Jun 2005, 19:26
by Bear
from what i know, there are 5 types of monsters
Skill switch

Agressive attacks anything in sight
Passive just stands there not doing anything(with one exception)
Non Agressive does not attack until attacked back
Assist Attacks if one of its friends are attacked on the screen/closer
Skill Switch Monster switches target to whomever casts a spell on them