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Posted: 08 Nov 2005, 23:33
by Crush
same style but a less common pattern:

Posted: 09 Nov 2005, 00:28
by Modanung
And more confusing when it comes to the point of view.

Posted: 09 Nov 2005, 00:35
by Crush
that's just because you haven't got any vertical objects as a reference point.

Posted: 09 Nov 2005, 13:52
by i
not bad anyway. but something is wrong with those floor tiles. i supose perspective isnt the same for every tile.

Posted: 10 Nov 2005, 08:10
by Ultim
i think that's an optical illusion. The problem with perspective isn't in the image, it's in the eye of the viewer. i believe the perspective may look wrong because some people automatically map the floor out in their head with equilateral triangles-- in which case it would be a wrong perspective. But what if they're just isosceles?

Posted: 10 Nov 2005, 09:16
by ElvenProgrammer
Maybe I have to agree with the others that perspective is not that right, at least without seeing them near other tiles. Anyway I really like the texture and the nice effect on the angles.

Posted: 10 Nov 2005, 18:57
by Pajarico
I agree with Ultim. And is not the first time I found this optic effect in a game, which in my opinion is not necessarily bad. Sure the eye can get references from other items on the screen.

But by any means DO NOT discard this tile :shock: because it is awesome.

Posted: 10 Nov 2005, 20:06
by Crush
i made a tileset with triangular stones in 2 different color tones which allow some interesting patterns:

Posted: 11 Nov 2005, 21:39
by EJlol
I like it.

Posted: 11 Nov 2005, 22:09
by Jetryl
I'd personally like to vote that the perspective on those triangular tiles is correct. Sure, they look funny all by themselves, but I'll wager that when you throw some actual vertical objects in there (like, oh, the playerset for one example, or walls), it will end up looking correct.

Posted: 11 Nov 2005, 23:18
by Modanung
The perspective is allright, it's just that us humans love to think in 90* angles.
So our brain turns 2 of those triangles in 1 square. If vertical objects and other tiles would be needed to get rid of this effect the tile couldn't be used non-stop on large surfaces.
Just saying.

Posted: 12 Nov 2005, 00:56
by Pajarico
I don't perceive the image the same as you, not at all, is not that generalizated that 2 triangles are perceived as a square, and the perspective -assuming those are somewhat equilateral triangles- is in fact correct.
Neither think it will be a problem on large empty surfaces.

Posted: 17 Nov 2005, 10:45
by i
yayyyy... i like it :)
in fact that is a nice piece of floor tiles

Posted: 09 Jun 2006, 22:43
by Crush
a wooden floortile that i made as a draft for the woodland houses. i am posting it here because i don't want to influence the discussion in the woodland village interior thread.

Posted: 10 Jun 2006, 10:22
by ElvenProgrammer
The texture is really nice, except maybe a bit too dark, but could be my screen of course. Some variation would be necessary though to avoid it being repetitive.