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Posted: 08 Feb 2006, 03:10
by joeymana
- no botting

It's very important. I am finding the game that it have no bot. I found Mana world and I hope I will not find bot here. thank :P

good idea

Posted: 30 Sep 2006, 15:18
by Benzz

MAKE it pvp everywhere but if u kill someone you get a skull
if you have a skull then every1 can atack you and the skulled person cant defend themselves that will deal with looting so if somebody loots you you can kill them and hide or get cought and most likley die but the skull comes off after 20 mins :D

Posted: 01 Oct 2006, 19:43
by Luneenia
where did you get that? runescape?

Posted: 11 Nov 2006, 00:09
by Leelan
Could we also have no "kill stealing" (attacking another player's monster for experience points without permission) rule as well?

Posted: 11 Nov 2006, 10:39
by Bahamut81
I guess kill stealing won't be a big problem anymore when the learning-by-doing skill system is implemented.

Posted: 11 Nov 2006, 12:42
by Modanung
Leelan wrote:Could we also have no "kill stealing" (attacking another player's monster for experience points without permission) rule as well?
The killer doesn't get all the experience. I don't know exactly how it is devided, but it's not like if he does the final hit (hehe, reminds me of Trainspotting... anyway) he get's it all.

Posted: 03 Dec 2006, 04:25
by nemeri
No, because you could make a slight variation to a word, then it wouldn't be filtered.
The best option maybe would be a neural network filter. But I suppose that's hard to implement. Smile It would 'learn' what are foul words and what aren't. In all languages. People could report a message sent by a player as being insulting or obscene... or not. Then a person would have to confirm this. That way the filter would learn what words in what context should be filtered.

But as I said... probably way too hard to implement in relation to the result.

The net itself, recuccurent or not, is quite simple. The problem, it seems to me, is that it must be trained, something that for this task is highly difficult and dangerous (easy to reach a point where mispells of ordinary words). Rather, I think one can use the common String Edit Distance to match the nature of the problem. One could weight different characters different amount, additions rather low, subs and removals high. By keeping a list of similar words, the distance between the entered string and these alternatives could be weighted. I believe this would be able to trick most though of course new widely different abbreviations can be created. This is also how one would do spelling correction, but here, one could weight the two distances differently and only the words near the curse words needs to be known, not every possible word.

Another associated term for the botting is "AFK Macroing", it's a bit more precise.

Posted: 03 Dec 2006, 04:37
by The Judge
To go back to the issue of botting, I know it is pretty much irrelevant in this version of the game, but for future versions, would botting be defined as using a program, or could botting be considered something as simple as holding down ctrl-A? If this issue is just way off base here, feel free to scrap this post.

Posted: 03 Dec 2006, 15:53
by Platyna
Botting is generally defined by using illegal program or unusual behaviour of legal program (in this case tmwclient) to take advantage. CTRL+A is a legal client feature therefore it cannot be considered botting.


Posted: 10 Nov 2007, 18:40
by kataztrophe
Crush wrote:so what have we got now:

-no bug exploiting
-no bots
-no intentional blocking of passages
-no swear words or insulting other players
-no lootstealing until pvp is implemented. when pvp is implemented we can discuss about allowing loot stealing in pvp areas.

can we find a consensus here?
How bout the title called

TheManaCommandments? sounds catchy

- No bug exploiting
- No blocking passages
- No swear words
- No lootstealing
- No stealing kills ( unless he allows )
- No racism

Thatz all i got

Posted: 10 Nov 2007, 18:45
by EJlol
- No blocking passages
you can use the mouse to walk through others.

Re: Game Rules

Posted: 10 Mar 2008, 16:09
by zick
Sorry to open an old thread but I got an idea for a server rule. Since MMO's kinda get addictive and we don't want to be responsible for that addiction, how about implementing some kind of way to limit the amount of time someone spends in the Mana World. Here's my proposal:
Implement some kind of lockout value (independent of each server - maybe something in a config file), that once you log out you can't log back in until after that lockout period has passed. Then implement some way that forces people to log out after awhile. Here's my idea: You HP actually has 3 values (current, intermediate and maximum). Your HP might look like this 44/92/145. Whenever you lose HP (you are attacked), your current HP value is decreased by the full value of the damage, and your intermediate is decreased by 1% of that value (configurable value for each server). Maybe it should keep track of the decimal values too, instead of rounding up, while only showing the whole number value. Whenever you heal yourself with items or magic, your current HP only fills to the intermediate level. So after along time playing you can no longer effectively heal yourself. At which time the only way to fill your intermediate HP is by staying at an inn, which as soon as you fall asleep you are logged out and unable to log back in until your lockout time has passed. Just something to consider.

Re: Game Rules

Posted: 10 Mar 2008, 16:48
by EJlol
I think that's annoying. If a child gets addicted I think its the fault of the parent and not the game.

Re: Game Rules

Posted: 10 Mar 2008, 18:21
by Crush
A much less annoying way to break the powergamers is not to punish people for playing long but for rewarding people for not playing.

A good example is the stamina system of World of Warcraft: While you are offline you collect "rest points" which makes you get double experience for a while when you are back in the game. This way it doesn't hurt you that much emotionally when you can't play because you got the feeling that your character is not laying around useless but is collecting double experience time while you are offline.

Another example are games with an economical component where you can buy facilities which produce stuff for you even when you are offline.

Re: Game Rules

Posted: 11 Mar 2008, 15:35
by zick
Crush, I kinda like your idea. BTW 1% intermediate HP is actually alot (I didn't crunch the numbers before I posted) ... It would have to be more like 0.1%.
An idea for an inactive rewarder: What about hiring an NPC to sell your wares (items that you've crafted whether they be weapons or food or clothing) or as part of the whole unresolved real estate system, what if you could turn your house into a bar/restaurant or hotel.